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Totem 3.12 invades Flatland!

The last 2-3 years there is this obsession in IT industry to remove curves and shadows and deliver flat, plain, even color-less interfaces. Even Microsoft had to adapt on this fashion, and they created this rather casual logo for their Windows 8.


Everyone’s favorite (isn’t?) animation -That’s  Futurama!- always updated on the time spirit, they released an episode last summer named “2-D Blacktop” that Fry invades Flatland, a land that everything is flat, or more correctly everything takes place on a 2D dimension.

Totem 2.12 will fulfill the plans for a more modern video player, and by modern it’s meant an application that will be able to sync with online services like YouTube. Obviously this will lead to a massive re-written interface, a work that has been started around 1 year ago.

As a matter of fact, the revisited Videos App was supposed to arrive in 3.10, but at some point Gnomers reverted the changes, cause they missed deadlines.

Throughout all the differences between 3.10 and 3.12 (which are huge!), I just picked the smallest one that made me so much impression!


The classy tabs of GNOME, known for years..


..transformed to just..flat!

Honestly, I don’t know if this approach will affect more modules (maybe already has and I’ve missed it!), but tab system is under revision and certainly there will be some changes.

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  • Claudio Saavedra

    That’s the new style of GTK+ tabs. All applications using GtkNotebook have this style.

  • Renato

    I really like this new design

  • Dragnucs

    They are not flat. They style have some littile 3D effects; they look engraved, pushed or something. Plus, this approach is less space consuming. Very usefull for web browsers and text editors.

  • giubani

    why doesn’t totem have CSD?

  • jimmacfx

    The tabs design is still undergoing iterations. You can track the status at

  • Rowan Lewis

    I’m glad to see the Chrome style tabs be ditched, this is a heap better to look at.

  • Eduard Gotwig

    I tought it would look more like GNOME Music? I tested it some months ago, and the design was actually going GNOME Music style, somehow, like in the new GNOME Videos mockup.

  • Khurshid Alam

    Totem simply freezes when changing subtitles to none for a video(MKV). I wonder when these small annoying usability bug will be fixed.

    • alex285

      File a bug if not already exists! About Twitter thing, yeap, I need to fix lots of things here!

  • Khurshid Alam

    Could you please fix wogue twitter account? Its not updating since the blog redesign for mobile.