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Tomahawk music player

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Tomahawk is the leader on this “new wave” that wants the modern music players connected with everything out there, in a constant effort for search and inclusion of all the available material no matter where it comes from.

First time you launch a freshly installed Tomahawk, you will be offered to configure everything on the simplistic options menu, but most importantly you will be offered the opportunity to register your accounts in a variety of on-line music services, so that Tomahawk may use them as sources.


Available Services:

  • lastfm-logo1dilandaujamendo_logoSpotifyspotifyyoutube
  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
  • Last.Fm
  • Grooveshark
  • Dilandau
  • Jamendo224604shared-iphonelogo_official.fmgroovesharksoundcloud-logo
  • 4Shared
  • Ampache
  • Subsonic

Some services allow users to choose special settings. YouTube plugin for example can be set include live performances in the results, or prefer higher quality for playback.


Apart from those music sources, you can also register to other services for friend finding and status updating purposes. These services are:

  • Twittertwitter_iconsocial_google_boxJabber_logoxmpp-logo
  • Google Account
  • Jabber
  • Local Area Network

You can also add some of your friends (their emails) and generate playlists from their choices!

After configuring everything you can point Tomahawk to search somewhere in your local disk. I chose to add nothing from my collection and proceeded with using the application as a fully internet music player.

One of the main pros of Tomahawk is the way it delivers its search results. All enabled services are scanned for your search and results are shown in just a moment. More, but less relative results are shown below using a nice font fade effect. Double clicking the desired song will play it unless your registered account on the chosen service doesn’t provide that privilege.


Among the many other things that you can do, there is also the ability to create playlists and “stations” by setting filters. These filters provide pre-set values and can concern the genre, mood, tempo, artist hotness, style and many more. You can add more filters and combine them to get more precise results.

Here I created a station with dark mood as the filter and YouTube as the source:


The info that you get about everything is a truly amazing thing. Yes I’ve seen other players display biographies, lyrics, even guitar tablatures, but Tomahawk is like an inexhaustible source of more and more information. Everything I click takes me to a “more details” screen about the artist, albums, songs, chart position etc.


By the way, did I mention that you can view charts by country, online service, new releases of albums and sort them by genre? You can view and listen if you have the privilege to do so, straight from Tomahawk beautiful graphical user interface.

Screenshot from 2013-01-05 19:27:47

Tomahawk is a true little pioneer in the music players world. I absolutely love it for its modern looks, its stability that finally isn’t an issue anymore, its service richness and the seamless way it plays everything you want to listen with a few clicks.

In an age that music players are struggling to persuade users that they have a role inside their system, Tomahawk shows how things should be done and how a music player can serve the modern needs of users today.

  Tomahawk Website

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