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Tomahawk 0.6 has been released!

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In general, no cosmogenic changes took place, or extreme new features implemented on this 0.6 release. Everything that happened concerns little positive additions like the increase of clickable things, polishing of various elements like the icons of the application and layout of some pages, little fixes here and there and some improvements on the support of certain technologies.


0.6 change log:

  • Improved icon theme with vector graphics.
  • Higher resolution artist and album images.
  • You can now click artists, albums and tracks mentioned in artists’ biographies.
  • New AudioControl logic – only enable Prev/Skip buttons if available.
  • Added more options to right-click/context menus.
  • Resolver source icon in Audiocontrols now supports being a link-back URL to original source.
  • Make friends’ currently playing song (in sidebar) clickable.
  • Improve MusicBrainz plugin to use normalized artist names and avoid duplicate tracks.
  • Access Control queries now stay on the bottom of the job view, removing the tendency to jump away from the mouse.
  • Improved random mode, preventing songs from being played in too rapid succession.
  • You can now choose between various view modes for your playlists.
  • Nicer layout for the Artist, Album & Track pages.
  • Follow HTTP redirects when fetching Playlists.
  • Main menu can now be hidden and instead be shown as a toolbar button.
  • Connectivity controls in the toolbar.
  • Cleaned up settings dialog.
  • Ability to sync Spotify Starred Tracks with Tomahawk’s Loved Tracks.
  • Remove YouTube resolver from plug-in directory on request of YouTube.
  • Fixed iTunes m3u playlist support.
  • Support dropping of new Soundcloud user, track, set & likes URLs.
  • Added HotNewHipHop as available chart.
  • Added iTunes as available source for New Releases.
  • Updates and additions to translations including: Japanese, Bulgarian, Finnish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Swedish, Czech and more.
  • Allow disabling of playback notifications on Linux.

So, the groundbreaking music player now looks and works even better and is creating the stable base to chase more exciting new features on the upcoming versions. If you tried Tomahawk and you liked it, you should definitely proceed with updating to the new version.

Ubuntu users can add the following repository to get updates of the application automatically. Just type these commands on a terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tomahawk/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tomahawk

  Tomahawk Website

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