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Three great 3.2 themes that never came to 3.4 (Or did they?)

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Faience by Tiheum

This is one of the simplest beautiful Gnome Shell themes that I ever used. I remember using this on Fedora 16 for at least 3 months before I finally changed it!

Unfortunately, Tiheum didn’t have the time to update this elegant theme and we couldn’t use it under Gnome Shell 3.4 till Erabong decided to do it by himself. So he ported the theme to Gnome 3.4 and we can now fully enjoy it once again!

Faience GS Theme

Elegant Brit by grvrulz

This is a magnificent Gnome Shell theme that looks modern and is fun to use.

Elegant Brit was never updated by grvrulz to work under Gnome Shell 3.6 but a fix was released by Xukashi. The fix concerns only the GS theme and not the gtk so you will have to combine this with something else. I suggest the Miui gtk theme that was released a few days ago.

Elegant Brit Theme

A New Start by Alecive

This theme is maybe the most unique creation that Gnome Shell 3.2 could wear. It is a “happy” and very beautiful Gnome Shell and Gtk theme that would give a breath of fresh air to your desktop and your eyes.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t end good for 3.4 users after all. Alecive didn’t update it and there wasn’t anyone else out there to bring this fantastic theme to our monitors again. The good news is that the artist confirms that “A New Start” will be updated for Gnome 3.6!

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  • fedora the explorer

    honestly i’ve seen much better themes than these, i think something goes wrong with designers lately

    wtf are gnomes doin? not only have made this abomination wannabe desktop env but also extensions, themes and every fucking thing are deprecated in every release

    i hope you fail as soon as possible for the good of us all

    • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

      If you hate the system, change it yourself.

      • fedora the explorer

        smartass i don’t understand what do you mean by saying “the system”
        but if you mean the gnome, then yea i hate it with a passion cuz it fucked
        my workflow and unfortunately i’m not the only one.
        my pc ain’t a toy, it’s a serious tool and i can’t have my tool
        remodeled and reshaped every six months.

        that’s why unity, mate, cinamon, whatnot happened and there is no sane
        distro with gnome shell as default. although none of them are good enough.
        furthermore kde passed away some years ago, xfce and lxde are like a newborn
        who needs the mother gnome

        havent got any answer yet, why the devs deprecate everything? funny?

        configurability, usability, backwards compatibility, stability, performance,
        are they foreign words? and not to mention about appearence, the most fugly
        and unreadable font ever made which only covers the latin alphabet and let’s
        not forget the “cool” black gothbar which stubbornly stays at the top,
        surely black is trendy and cool and if we put one panel at the top, it
        will look even more like macosx and the control panel is so macosx now .. yay!!
        it may has no options right now and it’s a bit fugly cuz it uses the abnormal
        font and dated icons but the layout is the same and cool like macosx, simply
        beautiful! what’s goin wrong with you, designers? oh forget it that this thing
        made by programmers, just can’t believe that made by designers,
        even my grandma could make it better than that. even though gtk3 has better
        theme features there is no easy way to change the appearance. so much success
        and progress!

        i don’t want to see again, freetards complain about microsoft and apple
        cuz you guys fucked the desktop env which is one of the most important
        thing for the end user.

        even linus couldn’t change it, do you think i could?
        or better do i have free time and knowledge to do this?
        if you want your users to change it and you don’t have the interface to do
        this then you have epically failed.

        and why red hat has not signed a deal with tablet manufacturer yet
        or they think that gnome shell is good for desktop computers? more funny?

        after all there are still some healthy parts in gnu/linux such as the
        kernel and shell.

        please guys don’t make linux look bad cuz it’s a serious piece of shit
        and created by real programmers and not by kids.

        I convinced many people to use linux, sorry… just can’t do this now.

        you gave me a typical freetarded answer or you are completely clueless

        • Bill_Toulas
        • Daniel Sandman

          I can understand your concern but i think you are making this more dramatic than it is. Gnome-shell works good and i think the workflow improved… at least for me. If you want the old Gnome2 workflow that is also possible. You are just sad because of change.. Most of the rants i see is because of 3.0-3.2… I had a guy who hated Gnome-shell in stone to try 3.4. He are now using it and likes it a lot. I think 3.6 will just continue on that path. As more and more of the end product is introduced.

          Gnome-shell is still very new and are still findings it’s way. So things like themes have been expected to break.. I have however had no problem finding new good looking themes. We have a lot of talent in the community. I am for instance using Alecives latest masterpiece GrayRevenge.

          • fedora the explorer

            at least i got an answer, not that i agree, all gnomes seems so silent now.

            of course i’ve used the latest gnome version and i have to admit it is
            slighly improved over the previous versions (3.0/3.2) but far from being sane
            and good. in my life i’ve used many desktop enviroments but i have no free
            time now to play with window managers and random panels/docks. i just want a
            sane *DESKTOP* enviroment. even though there is no good reason to change my
            workflow, you know, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, i’m not afraid to change
            it, i’m afraid that if i use this thing i will feel like the typical
            clueless retarted hipster kid with his brand new iphone.
            if you have a good reason to change it or you want to change it just for fun
            then go on, do it but for the better not for the worse!

            yea it’s dramatic and this is the reality, cuz it is advertised as stable,
            fast and usable and simply beautiful desktop environment and it’s not even
            for a desktop pc.

            if something is so uncompleted and not even beta quality software then why you
            advertise it as what i said above? perhaps in two or three years later will be
            better, but now it’s just funny and i can’t do my work and this is not funny.
            still it won’t be for desktop pc, perhaps for touch screen devices if they fix
            it, won’t be fedora and red hat will make the deal. hey buddy, fedora guys
            don’t even give a shit about fonts. it’s so difficult for them to add one
            fucking line in the font config file to improve the font rendering and change
            the abnormal, fugly and uncompleted default font like what canonical did
            and opensuse? i think. new network device naming makes firewall gui frontend
            useless, beta version of grub, uncompleted systemd. and these are just few
            examples. there are countless. defaults are important!!
            and dont tell me file bug reports and then pray for the day they will be fixed,
            if that day ever comes. they are the monkeys who caused all this pointless mess.
            we don’t have to report bugs every time they want to break everything and start
            over again.

            fedora ain’t a bad distro, it’s just not for end users, perhaps for geeks or
            freetards or someone who likes the pain in the ass, honestly don’t know.
            i have encountered serious issues in this distro. imagine all these issues
            in windows or mac? and don’t tell me i installed fedora and i have no problems
            or linus use this. I OFFICIALLY DON’T CARE AT ALL! a “general purpose” linux
            distro is supposed to work well for everyone not only for a fucking freetard
            idiot like you.

            red hat must make the deal soon, cuz they are going to loose many users with
            this shit, if they are not already loosing from centos, ubuntu, whatnot…
            take a look at canonical for example and do it even better. you are the
            red hat after all.

            yea i believe that these guys have a lot of talent cuz it’s not easy to
            deprecate themes which are written in css and extensions in javascript.
            these guys are geniuses! so much success and progress! simply beautiful!

            stop breaking things, it’s not funny anymore!!

            we are not guinea pigs!


          • alex285

            Just few things.

            1. Gnome 3.4 wasn’t a good release. 3.6 is an awesome release. If Gnome keeps the same development rate in 3.8, we’ll get amazing things from them in next year. Not in 2-3 years. In just one year.

            2. Personally I consider Gnome 2.x (latest releases) a “bad/average” desktop. GTK2, Gnome Panel.. Nothing special on them. KDE was better in every aspect (except stability). Windows 7 was better (in my opinion). Gnome 2.x had to change.

            3. Fedora isn’t a desktop release. You can’t even upgrade it. Forums are full of preupgrader tickets. More over Rawhide releases are broken half the time. How you suppose to test it? Ubuntu had always stable Alpha releases.

            4. By unstable I guess you mean the Gnome API. Keep on mind of all these changes from 2.x to 3.x. Yes Gnome 3.x has not backward compatibility with Gnome 3.x -1, but that doesn’t mean is unstable.If you want, you can have 2.x for 7 years. Or a 3.x release for 7 years (when it gets into RHEL). I can point you huge projects, bigger than Gnome (in popularity) that break API every 6 months. I am not Gnome developer so I don’t know the compatibility drawbacks. But I know that every new API is always better than the previous. I am not fan of backward compatibility when that comes with huge sacrifices.

            5. Gnome 3 forces your workflow in a very specific way. This is bad and good. They (Gnomers) trying to discover the best practices in UI usability. It’s kinda experimental, I agree. But we have the extensions. We can control our workflow.

            6. From my personal experience (and forums) I think that new users (totally new) are excited with Gnome3. Also Gnome 3 seems to go well with girls.

            7. It’s cool to blame Gnome3 and any project in general, but not very nice to blame the people behind it. Not polite :)

          • fedora the explorer

            1. of course gnome 3.4 wasn’t a good one, it was slightly improved and i don’t

            expect from 3.6 to solve my problems cuz i won’t use gnome. until the next year

            everything will be broken again.

            2. i don’t care what you consider, perhaps you only use your pc for facebook,

            youtube and some blogging on a blog with full of shitty ads. hey people don’t

            forget to use ad blockers. i told you pc is my tool and not a toy.

            3. “Fedora isn’t a desktop release?” wtf?

            4. you don’t understand then keep breaking! it’s funny!

            5. i don’t want anyone to force my workflow. do your experiments on your

            idiot gnomes, not to people.

            6. totally new utter clueless facebook users and little girls. great success!

            7. why is cool to blame a project? why i should blame the code? it’s just code.

            i blame the hipster gnomes who released this cancerous abomination.

            it’s also not polite to screw up your work.


    • Bill_Toulas

      Why don’t you share the “much better” themes that you have seen so we may all see them and use them maybe?

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