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This is Why Shell is Superior to Unity 7 ;)

I had though to make a Shell Vs Unity, but that would be unfair since Ubuntu people the last year are focused in the development of their upcoming new shell interface, Unity 8. So it is better to postpone this for at-least 6 months.

Unity 7 is full of cool features, it isn’t just about HUD and if we compare it with Shell we will discover many advantages. However there is a huge BUT here. Shell is light years ahead of Unity in task switching and workspaces management. That’s the most important you are expecting from a DE. Actually Unity -in my opinion- probably is the worst Linux Desktop Environment in the way that handles workspaces.

Even the new and so amazing App Filtering in Unity Overview, it seems to be created with one Workspace on the mind, and that makes it useless. I made a screencast to make my point, but apart of the features I am showing, the total experience of using the workspaces in Unity is ..pff.

I have to confess I don’t know much about Unity and Unity options, but this is what I found :)


You understand that is meant to be a funny video, right? ;)


With Help on, Dash Apps Shortcuts are also activated. Clearly badly designed

It is really nice to have the keyboard shortcuts available at any time but..

  • <Super>Hold => Keyboard Shortcut Help
  • <Super>Tap => Unity Dash
  • <Super>+W => Overview
  • <Super>+S => Workspaces

..and so many other shortcuts for basic tasks, often lead to mistakes.

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