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The new List View in GNOME Shell Overview

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Search Providers

Search Providers are visible under our Settings -> Search Panel and we are now able to set Shell to search in the locations of our preference.


Although I only have 3 locations here, all GNOME Applications support this, and is up to third party developers to make use of it. By pressing the Gear Button we can add or remove locations.

search-panel-more-locationsThis is really nice as we can set the Folders we want to search files from. By default GNOME will look in our Home and our special Folders, but we can also add system directories, our Cloud Files and whatever else. In my installation that didn’t worked very good, but GNOME is only approaching 3.7.3 release.


The results come in a List View now, and while it seems a waste of space, it keeps a clean order and Shell can show the full titles. When there is more that a certain number of results a symbol will be displayed, and we can make use of the typical <Show More>. The point is that the system should be smart enough to guess the results we are expecting to view and display them first, based in some simple algorithms like recent and favorites.

search-contactsSpecial files like Contacts will open with their associated Application,  (ie GNOME-Contacts), while  in case of Files we can open directly the Nautilus either in the specific file location, or in Search Mode.

This is not ready yet, and I am missing some providers,  but this is how about to work.

Shell Vs Unity Dash Search

Unity Dash has received a great amount of work, maybe more than Shell in the part of searching and displaying results, but I think Unity has failed by design with all these Lenses and Filters. None of my friends that use Ubuntu don’t actually use Unity Dash, and I am not trying to compare the two desktops, but I think that GNOME has made a more sophisticated approach there by following the single Search Input.

A strong weakness is that Shell won’t support -at least for now- special operators for searching (ie Videos: myvideo) as many people had asked, and it doesn’t also support regular expressions. However this “naked” environment leaves plenty of room for such smart mechanisms, that may come with extensions.

My Gigabyte got fire :/

I was 3 days without a PC, and here is the reason..


The -not so- funny thing is that I had bought that Motherboard (970A-D3) just 15 days ago, it burned my CPU and RAM, and  Gigabyte doesn’t replaces such damages. Oh by the way, I bought this M/B to replace my other Gigabyte that also got broken. Thank you very much GIGABYTE :)

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  • Brian Robles

    Promising. Hope they don’t just let the list view take up all the horizontal space. The twitter app on android is a good example of a layout that looks horrible on a big screen. I don’t know what they could use all the extra horizontal space for, but I hope they think of something.

    • Bastian Hougaard

      Maybe a combination of lists in a grid. So if your screen have a certain width, the list will continue in a new column. Just a thought that popped up.

      • neffer

        Or maybe the same search results listed/sorted in different ways?

  • JJ

    The list view is stupid. This is going to look hell in hd/16:9 screens.

    On a different note, I was wondering what happened to the site without any updates, now I kno why.

    • Rémi G.

      A list view is so much more convenient for reading. I’m waiting this feature since the beginning !

  • Philip Witte

    ouch, sounds like you need to buy from a difference MoBo manufacturer. I’ve always bought from ASUS and never had any problems like this. I would be extremely pissed if my MoBo fried my CPU & RAM.

    • Pierre-Yves Luyten

      i just bought a new mother board since the old one – almost same model than here – just died after 18 months…

      • alex285

        18 months with 18 days has a difference :)

    • alex285

      I bought an Asus now and an Intel, I always had Amd cpu as long as I can remember.. What a change!

  • Michael Heyns

    hmmm… I like where they are going. Just not too sure about the visuals. Hopefully theming can take care of that.

    Sorry to hear about your gear!

  • Phil2.0

    My gear which contains also a Gigabyte motherboard died last monday (after 4 years of moderated service). No real reason about the issue, I hope I would be able to save some parts.

    I understand your feeling.