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The futuristic design of all Gnome Apps!

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Content Selection is a prototype design pattern that aims to bring consistent look and feel in all Gnome Apps, enrich their screen-touch capabilities  and bring a friendly full screen environment to small screens where window controls (and other current tools) fails to carry out their purpose.

The hardest part is obviously to succeed an acceptable implementation for both small and big screens, touch and not devices. Many people complain about Gnome getting too much on touchscreen devices -without even exists on this area- ignoring the Desktop/Netbook users. Well I am not one of those :)

I don’t really like to explain why Gnome developers do what they do, so I will just show you their plans and you can make your own opinions. I personally don’t like everything I see but most of the things they design/develop I think are awesome. Overall I think Gnome beats every other OS out there, but ok, this is just a thought of mine ;)

Without further ado, the design goal for all Gnome App

Select an background.

Background selection within folders.

Select your contact or GOA image.

Select through files. Yes this is how the new Nautilus is gonna be ;)

Files (Nautilus) home. We have some new design implementations on Files that I’ll show you next!

Photo preview. Exactly the same as select a background.

Select Content Type. Docs, Music, Videos, Photos and every other File. Yep Content Selection in every aspect of Gnome data.

This is a set of all Gnome Widgets. This image is a bit huge and no reason to crop this (lazy) :/


Content Selection is the guideline of all Gnome Apps in future and of course many Apps already are using it. Well next App that will be merged to this is Files (Nautilus).

Any comments ? ;)

*Update: Nautilus latest plans for content selection implementation.

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  • Dave

    Wow, lots of exciting stuff going on with Gnome!  I’m looking forward to Ubuntu’s 12.10 Gnome version because I’d really like to use a Ubuntu distro that sticks as close as possible to upstream Gnome.  

  • misterpah pah

    i like it ! but following the HCI (Human Computer Interaction) guidelines ; most of the time , human focus is on the left side.. 

    the select button ; in fact, all of the important selection should be on the left side of the screen. A good example is the Google mail. the right side of the application should remain blank , or a configuration button..

    some may even say that we shouldn’t follow Google style.. You were right.. but I’m sure that Google have their own HCI teams, and i don’t even know if we have one.. 

    • Alexis Diavatis

      Haha I have read this for my study for Google Ads ;)

    • Nical

      On touch devices the left side is the least accessible though (at least for right handed people). Also, buttons with semantics such as “next”, “validate”, “select” are naturally expected to be to the right side of the “previous”, “cancel” kind of actions. So the placement as we see in these mockups make sense to me.

    • Cliff Wells

      When the main content is left-aligned, the user’s focus is on the left? Whodathunk.

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  • Xebec

     looks very nice – will be nice for tablets etc. – but for my desktop I’ll definitely be avoiding it.

  • 2eurocents

    wow it’s a cell phone. but those icons are so 1999.

  • Robert Szwajk.

    And gnome keeps looking more and more like a tablet. All I can say is that im glad my desktop runs KDE. I hope they keep the old desktop metaphor alive or im going to have to set up my own desktop using a window manager, stand alone panel and conky.

    • madjr

      well we have plenty of desktop UIs, so we need UIs for tablets or hybrids, because am pretty sure that after windows8 more and more computers will look more like the ms surface and less like laptops.

      crazy times I know, but i guess someone has to do it.

  • osd

    All the recent changes to nautilus are really discomforting. I’ll probably stick to gnome if none of my extensions broke during the 3.6 upgrade and ubuntu decide to fork nautilus; but this “we know better” philosophy is really getting annoyinig.

  • Guest

    Is this means gnome developer finally want to make thumbnails view in Gnome/GTK-File-chooser? But i only see list view in

  • JakeDTH

    Very awesome, I love the design.  People gonna say it looks like a tablet, what they don’t understand is that its design works great for everything, phones, tablets, laptops, and the ancient desktop. Realistically, desktops will be replaced by laptops and laptops replaced by tablets… and a phone is always gonna be phone. All the GNOME developers: Keep up the GOOD work!

    P.S. Disqus is proprietary and Software as a Service, why are you using it when there are free alternatives?

    • Alexis Diavatis

      I don’t know, because everyone uses it and it works fine. What are the alternatives? 

      • JakeDTH

        This one: is the only one I know of that is actually like Disqus, in that it’s separated from the rest of the page’s code, unlike WordPress’ (which I’m not sure is actual Free Software).

        • Alexis Diavatis

          I checked on this but its author says is still under development (at least its PHP part) and therefore not ready for production. If we find an equal open source alternative for disqus, we  will obviously move on that. 

    • Asterisk

      Its design doesn’t work great for anything.  It’s oversimplified, functionally-constrained, and hides data and interface feedback behind too many layers of chrome.  It’s only commonplace on phones and tablets due to the physical UI paradigms of those devices; if I wanted a desktop OS with full-screen applications and hidden functionality that can only be discovered by locating documentation, I’d run DOS.

      It’s time for the visual artists to move into the background, and return UI design to industrial designers and people who think in terms of human/computer interaction.  

    • real life

      Realisitcally? Realistically I do not seen anyone doing real work on real computers in real firms getting their machines replaced with a laptop or tablet in the next 15 to 20 years. Come on fit two regular sized documents side by side on a screen and you know what I mean.

    • osd

      nobody will ever complain that the interface looks like a tablet. people are complaining because the developers are starting to avoid use-cases that make no sense on tablets/they cannot implement well on tablets.
      also i’m fine if they remove functionality and screw the users, but they should do it without hiding behind design-religious flag.

  • Fewt

    I often wonder if our FOSS desktop could possibly go any further backwards in design, and then I see something like this.  Dear GNOME team, you win at desktop design fail.

  • ScionicSpectre

    Awesome. I’ve had an eye on these mockups for a while- I just hope it doesn’t take us too many years to get there. If so, much of this will seem like old news. I think having the modal dialogs makes perfect sense, as we already use them for these functions anyway. My parents and nieces use GNOME, and I’m sure this will only make it easier for them.

  • Elisandra

    love the site, very nice and meaningful, keep it up.

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  • Deckard_Cain

    This is crap. Really. If you want to implement this, then by all means do so but give the option to users to costumize the shell to their needs and preferences.

  • Timothy

    How is this in any way innovative? Why is the gnome team following the same direction as Microsoft is going with Windows 8? The tablet experience =! desktop experience. Merging the two experiences together improperly results in an unusable desktop. The way apple merged OSX and iOS is proper because traditional features were not dropped. For example, the bottom was not removed, Right click support was not removed( it was included by default), There wasn’t a theme overhaul. The default gnome theme just looks horrible. Its very ugly. oh and okay you guys included a screen capturing tool with NO audio support. … wtf. I hope gnjome dies before it reaches version 4.0

  • Luís de Sousa

    I have used Nautilus for more than 10 years. If it is really going to be defaced like this I’ll have to quit it. It is just sad.

  • timothy

    Who the hell uses gnome-shell for productivity anyway? I would understand why Fedora would use gnome-shell but that is because Fedora is known for its Vanillaness. If you look at the major distros: Mint, Ubuntu, Zorin, Solus, Pinguy, NONE of these uses gnome-shell.

    • Ryan

      Mint’s Cinnamon is mostly just gnome-shell. Mint only has a few hipsters working on it, so they generally take 99% of their work from others. I’m convinced that Lefebvre faggot is sipping cocktails in the Caribbean bought with his donation dollars.