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The future of the Journal extension

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[caption id="attachment_11541" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Journal extension in Gnome Shell 3.4[/caption]

As the tabs are now completely gone, Seif decided to add a new “Recent” button above the “Show Applications” button. The items are categorized in rows that contain 5 items each. By clicking the label of a group you are navigated to a second view with all recently used stuff from where you can also navigate again to earlier items by using the corresponding arrows.

Here is what all this looks like:

Note that this is work in progress and is not yet finished. Seif needs your feedback and your help to clean up the code, so go ahead and grab it from the Git.

Journal on Git

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  • alex285

    Seif Lofty does always nice things :)

  • Žygintas Beručka

    Works great. However, what I don’t like at all is that I cannot see full file names of the files displayed, not even on hover (I would be perfectly fine with this). It’s like trying to pick the right black cat in the dark room, when one uses a lot of similarly named files.

  • brainstormtrooper

    I still don’t like the added buttons – tabs on top were better. I have enough icons in my launcher as it is and don’t really want more added…