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The fastest and easiest way to check your downloads!

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When you download something you may have noticed that above, below, or next to the download link there is an MD5 or checksum thing. What is this and how can I use it? Well, I will not get technical here, so I will say this simply. It is like a “fingerprint” of data unique to that data used for comparison after download. If the MD5 check gives the same outcome with the given initial MD5 then the file you downloaded is ok. If not, it is corrupt. This can save you from “disastrous” situations like installing an operating system using a corrupt downloaded ISO file for example.

Now meet the easiest and fastest way to do this checking under Gnome Shell that is Hash Checker. This is a Nautilus script that you can install super-easily by running the “setup” file.

After the installation is done, you can right click any downloaded file and check MD5, SHA1 and SHA256. You can also save the result into a text file for whatever reason this may come handy to you.

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