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The Far Right In Greece ..and Europe

On Friday my motherboard burned coz of a short-circuit and I had no PC for 3 days. Today they replaced it and everything seemed to be alright, until I discovered that 2 out of my 3 SSDs were also damaged. Yeap, I lost everything..

Luckily I live in a nice place in Athens, up to a hill, and I have a fantastic view of the whole city and a golden opportunity just to jump down from my porch and solve once and for all the shock I got from the broken disks.

Oh wait, there are worse things happening. Yeap, that is a consolation, almost a salvation!

I’m referred to the European Elections that took place on Sunday (yesterday), and it was a winning day for the Far Right parties across many European countries, including “mine”, Greece.

I double quoted “mine” because I don’t think that Greece is my country.. It just happened, I born there. It is a matter of probabilities where someone will born anyway, and countries for me are just images with some borders around them on Google maps.

Yeap, I do not believe in countries, nations, religions and I am not part of any organized social community. I am a believer (but not a dreamer) of globalization and I believe in a world that all people will be declared and treated equally as citizens of Planet Earth.

For me, the best patriot is the worst humanist, and all begin from the rotten constitution we call Democracy. Americans say that Democracy sucks, but it is still the best polity. Ancient Greeks thousand years ago said that Democracy sucks, but it is the only polity.

The term (and the polity) Democracy has its origins in Ancient Greece, (500BC), but the Ancient wises (the same people that “created” Democracy) couldn’t explain it. Democracy finally led to the decay of Ancient Greece and Greece and Greek “democrats” enslavement for the centuries they followed. It is not an accident that all the democratic developed countries are suffering today, because of their “democratic” governments, when their prosperity came from their non-democratic eras.

But why Democracy isn’t working?

  • Everyone’s vote counts the same as anyone’s (the very known problem of Democracy)
  • Democracy reprobates only the actions but not the ideas.
  • Democracy and society can’t convey ethical values to people. People are born with values (!Tabula Rasa).
  • Large societies. A single person is smart. A community (group of people) is stupid (historical proved fact).
  • Democracy to work, needs to be surrounded by Democracy. (Globalization)

Societies always identify themselves through the human evolution and democracy’s big advantage (by definition) is that can adopt to the changes. Besides Democracy comes to many forms.

Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn (Chrysí Avgí in Greeks) is the far right political party in Greece, and basically is a Neo-Nazism organization. It is different than Marine’s Le Pen party in France, and is more closely to NPD in Germany. Anyway, I don’t want to talk for other countries.

Golden Dawn on Sunday’s elections, was voted from the 10% of Greeks, and 16% in the area of Athens (capital), the city with the biggest immigration problems, and sends 3 Euro Members in the Euro Parliament.

Lets meet some of their key members.




[caption id="attachment_26373" align="aligncenter" width="622"]xa-mixaloliakos The Leader of Golden Dawn.
His bio includes nothing but prosecutions and involvements in anti-democratic organizations
He is just a social parasite[/caption] [caption id="attachment_26374" align="aligncenter" width="640"]xa-vouleftes All together in Greek Parliament in 2012
In the next National Elections, they will have more members..[/caption]

I didn’t include images with Swastikas, there isn’t any reason for propaganda here. They are nothing more than Nazis. Only in their beliefs. Because they aren’t not even good to be called Nazis.

When I am thinking that 1/8 of my city fellows voted for them, I guess they deserve whats going to follow. Not only in Greece. In whole Europe. Europe is changing, but Democracy will change too, Democracy will prevail. It always does. 

It is up to you if you want to be on the winning side, or with the losers. Once you voted for Far Right, you will always carry the “stigma”. A better world will come only from our individual own personal success. Just follow what companies do. “Fund/Money” has no country. That’s the secret of success. Nationalism is for the weak.

Sorry for the political thing. I am still under a shock :/

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  • meh

    Thanks for your statement. <3

  • IsacDaavid

    I share your views on nationalism and the kind of stuff that is assigned to individuals at random. I can not feel pride nor shame about things I am not responsible for; and I would rather just try to learn as objectively as possible the culture surrounding me and beyond, not caring about frontiers, so I can pick the best of humanity.

    We geeks need to get involved in political issues from time to time.