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The Beefy Miracle -Fedora 17

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User Experience


Simply rocks! Fedora 17 is fast, stable -so far- and beautiful with an -almost- pure GNOME 3.4 included. What was missing was Web, GNOME’s refreshed Web-Browser, but you can easily install it by giving on terminal “sudo yum install epiphany”.

I think it is the first time I say this, but yes Fedora 17 can be easily used by Linux rookies. Installation is straight forward and you won’t face any issues there. As long as you install RPM Fusion Repo to get the proprietary software that Fedora don’t want to ship -and that’s a brilliant decision- you are ready to go !


First Screens




To be honest I don’t like what I see, I would prefer something more “beefy”, but oh well wallpaper, and icons is an easy thing to change :)






Typical Fedora apps, Flight Gear wasn’t there by default, I installed it ..but I really never played it, too hard :)






Single Window for Gimp !! That’s totally a Beefy Miracle :)





This feature is one of my favorites. You can add your Gtalk, MSN and FB account! With a bit hacking you can also add Twitter here, openSuse support this by default.








This is the new epiphany, now called Web. It got new design, it got new name but still lacks features-completion. However I like this browser and I bet that in 3.8, it will be great! Besides Web is great :)


You can see the brand new App Menu, and also the hidden controls when you maximize it, cool !


Fedora 17 Underneath

I really don’t know what to mention here. GCC 4.7, Virtualization & Multi-Touch Improvements, lots of bleeding edge patches.. You can check a complete feature list on Fedora’s page.

I will only mention further two new cool characteristics.


Move all to /usr


Provide a simple way  of mounting almost the entire installed operating system read-only, atomically snapshot it, or share it between multiple hosts to save maintenance and space.

Instead of spreading RPM package content all over the place in the filesystem, and artificially separate /bin from /usr/bin and /lib from /usr/lib, move all content to /usr and provide only symlinks in the root filesystem.”

ConsoleKit Removal / Automatic Multi-Seat Support

A Linux box can serve one or more workstations/seats at the same time.
Automatic multi-seat refers to an entirely automatically managed seat setup: whenever a new seat is plugged in a new login screen immediately appears — without any manual configuration –, and when the seat is unplugged all user sessions on it are removed without delay.”


I use Fedora 17 for about a month for hosting mongoDB, node.js and Ruby on Rails development. I didn’t have one major single crash (except some apps) and everything run fast and smooth. Also yum and rpm work great and you can fix every bad situation with a bit workaround.

We recommend Fedora 17 for new users and even if they miss some of the easy-of-use that Ubuntu offers, it still worths!


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  • kepica

    With a bit hacking you can also add Twitter here

    Can you give any link for this ?!
    Please !

    • Alexis Diavatis

      We are working to a tutorial, currently involves recompiling GOA with Twitter and Yahoo support

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