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Terminal Adds Read Only Mode & Others!

Right now and by right now I mean the last 10 days or so, the most actively developed modules on GNOME are Mutter and the Wayland port, mostly made by Jasper St. Pierre, and then GNOME Terminal follows with massive changes from Christian Persch, both on Terminal App and VTE Widget, which also brings improvements on HotSSH.

There are so many changes specially on VTE’s Screen and other APIs which it is better to to write them down all together on the release of 3.13.1. There are even ports from C to Vala.

One of the nice changes on User level, is the addition of a Read Only mode. While on Read Only, the user cannot type on Terminal. That works as a guard in cases like when we run a long-time background job and we don’t want to accidentally interrupt it, or if we are watching an IRC conversation and we don’t want to accidentally type. Etc.

Read Only | #626747

At the moment there isn’t any indicator when we are in Read Only Mode. We just can’t type.


In shortly I am just posting some mockups from Allan Day, made 11 days ago. Some things from those mockups have already started to implemented.

For example on bug #724110

profile: Change the size UI according to latest designs

The check button to enable using a custom size has been replaced by a reset button to restore the default size of 80×24. The labels were tweaked and the entire row has been moved higher up in the dialog.

As a result of this, the ‘use-custom-default-size’ key is no longer used and has been removed.

Debarshi Ray


Whats following is just mockups, you know what that means, right?


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