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ht5streamer 0.1

The little tool with the worst name in the world and the simplest approach to web content access…

Conquer YouTube with Minitube!

Minitube is a free and open source application that aims to serve as a YouTube desktop application. Minitube allows users to fully access YouTube content while at the same time providing a more TV-like feeling. Actions like downloading, searching and the managing your playlist are a piece of cake when done with Minitube. This little […]

Elementary Joins the Mutter Club -4 Good- with Gala!

I have to admit, I didn’t even know there was an Elementary OS around till recently, and I didn’t know that -the upcoming- Elementary OS was using Clutter/Mutter as window manager and compositor, till ..yesterday :) It seems that after Mint and Cinnamon we have a new fork of Mutter/GS, this time for Elementary OS […]

Hitler goes mad about Gnome3!

This is the classic parody clip with Hitler. This time Hitler seems to be quite angry with Gnome developers as they removed the customization options in Gnome 3, and he declares that Linux is all about choice! Enjoy but don’t get into political BS :)

Gnome Clock App – Try it now!

I tried the upcoming Gnome Clock App, from Gnome’s Git which is far beyond from completed and there isn’t much to see, but.. the cool part is that Clock is written in Python so you can try it in seconds without compiling ..and of course update it from Git and try it again! And if […]

Gnome Shell Vs Unity ..Naah!

Getting a versus between Gnome Shell and Unity would be sooo.. typical. Instead we did exactly the opposite, we tried how they work together.  But this isn’t meant to be a review, because everything you’ll see is pretty much unstable versions. I was just fooling around with alphas and I’ll show you that there is […]

Gnome Control Center 3.5.4 curtain transitions!

Gnome Control Center 3.5.4 isn’t quite new one, but I run it with latest patches as I compiled from Git some hours ago. Nothing much to see, but a nice curtain transition between views. As I cannot show these on images I took a small video.

Gnome Web 353 and beyond!

Gnome Web (Epiphany) is a misjudged and underestimated project when web-browsers are the most popular and significant software in any OS.  The reasons? The two powerful open source alternatives, Chromium and Firefox,  but also the bad quality and poor in features Web. Well, Web 360 has the ambition to change all these and join the […]

Oops!… I crashed it again ;)

The 30 years old pop star and  single mom has been.. Oops! wrong blog for that! What I wanted to talk about was a forgotten Gnome App known as “Oops!”. Oops is a bug report tool designed for Gnome3 by Jakub Steiner (Jimmac) about a year ago, but unfortunately didn’t -so far- make it in […]

Creating Gnome Symbolic Icons with jimmac!

Almost a month ago, we informed you of the work that is being done by Barbara Muraus, on the creation of new symbolic icons for the GNOME desktop environment. Today we’ll show you the latest results of her work and also a how-to video from the GNOME designer Jakub Steiner.

Collaborative GTG: YouTube Preview!

Yesterday we printed Getting Things Gnome’s future plans and we mentioned about GTG’s cloud sync features.  What we missed was this awesome video that shows collaborative features of GTG via Jabber(XMPP) accounts.

GNU in Epic Rap Battles of History :)

GNU just got a 12 millions views publicity in YouTube ..I was a bit skeptical if I should publish this as it contains inappropriate language.. oh well,  we don’t live in a perfect world, do we? :)

Skeltrack becomes “smoother”!

Microsoft’s Kinect technology was the next amazing step in gaming. Microsoft is constantly testing and improving this technology in an attempt to make it more useful for all its customers in any platform (gaming, desktop, research). What about us the Linux users? Is there a similar technology for us to enjoy? Apparently there is, and […]