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We just moved to a new Shiny Server :)

..power by Linux of course! We moved from a 2GB Cloud Server in Rackspace to a 32GB Dedicated in Hetzner. The paradox is that we now save around $200 each month. Rackspace is a so cool company ..but paying money from our pocket wasn’t cool at all :) Our Google ads were covering only about […]

No more distortion in WoGue

One of the great things about on-line publications of articles that concern the authors ideas or opinion, share information, spread news and promoting quality is that the readers can agree/disagree, discus further and request for more specific info about something. You can’t do this on newspapers or the TV, but you can do it on the […]

Hello from woGue!

This is just another GNOME blog! Not really, this is the first fan blog totally dedicated on our favorite OS! You won’t find anything else here but GNOME! We’ll get you all the news from gnome.org, mailing lists, developers blogs, git etc. And there is more ! We’re gonna show you theming, customizing, tips and […]