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Web 3.12 Beta

The next version of Gnome’s default web browser is a leap forward with great improvements in design and functionality.

A look into Web 3.10

Gnome’s default web browser took another great step in this development cycle bringing many new technologies and features to the hands of Gnome users!

Epiphany 3.8 gets integrated AdBlock!

So far, Epiphany has been using an extension to do the dirty work of blocking the annoying ads. The extension wasn’t working very good actually as sometimes it even blocked entire websites! Developers decided to completely rewrite the extension from scratch and make it work like it should be but still this wasn’t enough apparently […]

Epiphany gets a speed dial overview!

Epiphany, or the Web if you like, is one of those core Gnome applications that developers should start focusing on with all their power. It is an important but left behind part of the whole Gnome experience. A step towards the evolution of the Web was achieved through the collaboration of Igalia hackers and Gnome […]

Diaspora* Will Now Be A Community Project!

Good news Everyone! Daniel Grippi announced that Diaspora* will be  maintained by the community! Diaspora* was the most promising project for a WWW with open source social networks. It started about two years ago with 200.000$ in its Kickstarter Campaign, but somewhere on the road, it lost its momentum.

Gnome Web 353 and beyond!

Gnome Web (Epiphany) is a misjudged and underestimated project when web-browsers are the most popular and significant software in any OS.  The reasons? The two powerful open source alternatives, Chromium and Firefox,  but also the bad quality and poor in features Web. Well, Web 360 has the ambition to change all these and join the […]