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GNOME Wayland status under Fedora 20 Alpha

When Fedora 20 release this December, they will offer a Tech Preview of GNOME Wayland before the transition and full Wayland support planned for F21. Right now you can test Wayland only with a JHBuild installation.

Working on a bigger proposal

After Canonical’s announcement to abandon Wayland as an X Server replacement and build their very own display server (Mir) it was the time of GNOME Foundation to make their move and fast-forward their plans for GNOME in Wayland. This is nothing but an early proposal, but from Matthias Clasen and that counts a lot :)

Gnome & Wayland

Wayland is the next big thing in Linux Desktop since ..the beginning? It is meant to work aside with the problematic X (with the tremendous amount of functionality) and eventually (in many years!) is going to replace it. Few days ago Wayland released a 1.0 stable API and while GTK and Clutter have also been […]

Libre Office in GTK3 and Wayland!

The first quarter/half of 2013 will be the most exciting period for Linux Desktop – ever(!?) so far. This has to do mostly because many major distros are going to drop XServer for the shake of Wayland. While GTK3 port in Wayland is expected to be complete and stable by 3.8 around in March, some […]