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Schroedinger’s Cat Supplemental Wallpaper Submissions!

Fedora’s 19 Wallpapper submission took an deadline extension till 10th of April. There are only 10 days left to apply your wallpaper, which is enough time, and if you are a designer, it wouldn’t be bad to add a Fedora Official Wallpaper to your portfolio! By the way, Fedora 19 already kicks ass! Oh, and […]

5 Ways to change Backgrounds in GNOME 3.8 ;)

One of the most underestimate possibilities of GNOME 3.6 but mainly of 3.8 is the many combinations to do things differently. And if you aren’t still happy? Well, you can use the 200+ extensions and get endless workflow combinations. The second extreme feature of GNOME 3.8 is that you can do almost anything with the keyboard. […]

How to get the 18 Gnome Official Backgrounds

I am not a fan of Gnome default backgrounds but I do like the blue one with stripes (left). Anyway, if you are on Windows and you want to grub it, or if you are just curious about what are the backgrounds that Gnome 3.6 ships there you go.. I don’t know if all these […]

Simplistic Desktop Wallpapers!

What a desktop wallpaper should be like? Should it be a dull monochromatic image that doesn’t distract the user, or should it be something full of colors and complex design that will draw your eyes and “fill” your mind and imagination all day long? If you are spending a lot of time in order to […]

Auto-change your wallpaper with Wallch!

Changing wallpapers regularly is essential in keeping your desktop “fresh” and although many people believe that this is just a little detail of their daily experience, the truth is that is plays a very important role in your psychology. On the other hand, looking for new wallpapers, downloading and choosing them may take some valuable […]

Marvel-ize your Gnome Shell Theme!

This is a simple guide on how you can hack your Gnome Shell (just a bit!) and make one unique theme just for you. I used Adwaita as base because everyone has this (but you can do this in every theme), and I also used some Marvel images that you can replace with anything you […]

Gnome 3.6 wallpapers by Fabián

Fabián Orccón contributed and proposed these wallapapers for Gnome 360. They might won’t be included but still is a nice work and many people I guess want to use them. So we are sharing them!

Gnome Shell Flower Wallpaper!

Since Gnome Shell doesn’t have a logo or something like that, it is not very frequent to see new wallpapers that feature its name. This beautiful flower wallpaper though is a positive exception.

Wooden Gnome Wallpaper

A very nice bamboo wallpaper was created by spcine a few days ago. The wallpaper is of high quality and resolution (1680×1050) and will give a wooden touch to your desktop. The lights that come from above make it look very elegant. Press image for larger and then right click and save to download to […]

The Eye of Gnome wallpaper set!

Some people are crazy about having the wallpaper that feels right (I am). Changing wallpaper every few days is a nice way to keep your desktop fresh and your mood good.

10 great GNOME themed wallpapers!

Here is a collection of 10 nicely designed GNOME wallpapers of various colors, resolutions and styles! Click to enlarge, and then right click and “save” to download to your computer.