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Gnome 3.8: Videos – The second feature under discussion

After Fallback Mode another feature is under discussion for Gnome 3.8. Matthias Clasen (who’s core dev of GTK and GLib – his blog) pushed Videos in Gnome Live Three Point Seven Features Page. Gnome Videos (aka Totem) is going to have a massive redesign for the next version.

How to Edit Videos with Avidemux

Video editing is a complicated task no matter the platform and the experience that one may have on this sector. Fortunately, there are many available applications for the Linux platform that can do simple, or advanced video editing with Avidemux being one of the simplest. On this How-To, we will see how you can do […]

Nocera adds JustinTV support in Totem!

Bastian Nocera pushed few minutes ago justin tv plugin in Totem, which is an original work of Mohammed Sameer. That enables us to watch JustinTV videos directly from Gnome’s video player. 

Xnoise Media Player

Xnoise Media Player is a simple yet powerful media player for the GNOME desktop environment that features slick and comfortable graphical user interface. Unlike the “official” GNOME players that are Banshee and Rhythmbox, Xnoise is using a tracklist centric design similar to Amarok and Clementine.

Watch 3D Videos with Bino!

Bino is a free and open source 3D video player with support for stereoscopic video playback through a wide variety of input and output formats, and also support for multi-display video for use by powerwalls, virtual reality installations and other multi-projector setups.