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Gnome Calculator port to Vala | A massive re-write!

Next Gnome will have a Calculator written in Vala, so what? Well, just think that gCalculator initial commit was back in 1997 by Görkem Çetin and its first revision in 2002 by Rich Burridge. So after 15 years gCalctool leaves C for the favor of Vala. To celebrate this change gCalctool has also got a new official […]

String Freeze and updates everywhere!

Yesterday was the string freeze date and many Gnome components were updated as you’d expect. From now on, no string changes may be made without two approvals from the Translation Coordination Team and notification to release-team and documentation team. From this point, developers should concentrate on stability and bug-fixing. Translators can work without worrying that the original English strings will […]

A ton of Updates for Gnome components!

It is one of those “new versions” days again were new bug fixing versions for applications, libraries and components for the Gnome desktop environment are released. This time it is about the stable or unstable branches of Vala, Empathy, Epiphany, gThumb, WebkitGTK+, Nautilus, Seahorse, Gdm, Eye of Gnome, File Roller, Evince, GTK3, Clutter and Mutter […]

GStreamer + Vala Samples

Four Dollars (?) uploaded some example code with Vala and GStreamer. The samples include an Audio example, an Audio Streaming example, an Video example and Speech Recognition example with CMU Sphinx. 

Vala 0.17.2 Release!

An hour ago and a day after 0.16.1 release, Vala 0.17.2 has been released. Vala 0.17.2 is the series towards to 0.18. 

Vala 0.16.1 Release!

Vala is a new programming language that aims to bring modern programming language features to GNOME developers without imposing any additional runtime requirements and without using a different ABI compared to applications and libraries written in C.

Vala Reference Manual

Vala is a relatively new object oriented  language first appeared in 2006, with the ambition to bring high level programming in Gnome platform.  It is syntactically similar to C# and uses GObject system to generate C code with Vala Compiler (valac).