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New Wikis for Ubuntu GNOME!

Ubuntu’s GNOME spin guys released a new Wiki Area and they also asking for your help to test Ubuntu GNOME 13.10. Remember “All of us are smarter than any one of us” ;)

Ubuntu GNOME is approved as an official flavor!

Good news everyone ;) Ubuntu GNOME Remix is renamed to Ubuntu GNOME, and it also approved as an official Spin. Ubuntu GNOME remains a community project, but under the benefits of Recognized Flavors. The news are from Ubuntu GNOME  Mailing Lists.

Shell Dock Vs Unity Dock

After trying Ubuntu/Unity 13.04 and GNOME 3.8 and Fedora 19, I have to confess that both those desktops have gone to the next level. Yes, there are complains, but if you choose to look at the big picture.. The competition to those, are Mac OS X, Windows 8 and Chrome OS, three totally different OSs […]

Waka Waka (This time for Canonical)

Canonical isn’t a small company for example like Oracle. Therefore we can make some genuine fun of them from time to time. Well, and if there is any complain we will just put the post down. As long as someone here is awake ;)

Gnome 3.8 on Ubuntu 13.04!

Testing and even using not-ready-yet technology of tomorrow is something that characterizes almost any Gnome user out there. Many of us want to see the new exciting changes that the 3.8 release will bring, test the new features and see how the new version our favorite DE is evolving in almost real time.

Ubuntu Gnome Remix 12.10 | Review

Yesterday marked the release of Ubuntu 12.10, the latest version of the most popular Linux distribution. What’s interesting now is that GNOME and Ubuntu are back together after 18 months. The new Ubuntu GNOME remix version was released a few hours after the Unity version and we’ve got a full review of the distribution.

Y PPA Manager – Manage your PPAs efficiently in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distro, and a large portion of it goes towards the availability of apps. Ubuntu has made it so much easy to distribute apps, and PPAs play a vital role in it. PPAs (Personal Package Archives) are personal repositories for various packages built and hosted on Launchpad. As much as […]

Access Ubuntu Software Center with any Distro!

Ubuntu Software Center (USC) other than making software installation easy, it is more important because it helps us to discover Apps and the see their ratings and comments from people that they already have used them. Unfortunately USC is only available in Ubuntu and Ubuntu spins and derivatives, but apparently it seems there is a web-interface […]

Ubuntu Gnome beta is out ..and is ready for (ab)use!

Ubuntu Gnome Remix hit the beta yesterday ..but for beta is pretty ready! The best Gnome release ever made, into the best distro (no comments please!) and the results are explosives! I am using Ubuntu Gnome since the day one (Alpha), and other than GDM issues, I had none other major bug.