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New Wikis for Ubuntu GNOME!

Ubuntu’s GNOME spin guys released a new Wiki Area and they also asking for your help to test Ubuntu GNOME 13.10. Remember “All of us are smarter than any one of us” ;)

Ubuntu GNOME is approved as an official flavor!

Good news everyone ;) Ubuntu GNOME Remix is renamed to Ubuntu GNOME, and it also approved as an official Spin. Ubuntu GNOME remains a community project, but under the benefits of Recognized Flavors. The news are from Ubuntu GNOME  Mailing Lists.

Shell Dock Vs Unity Dock

After trying Ubuntu/Unity 13.04 and GNOME 3.8 and Fedora 19, I have to confess that both those desktops have gone to the next level. Yes, there are complains, but if you choose to look at the big picture.. The competition to those, are Mac OS X, Windows 8 and Chrome OS, three totally different OSs […]