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Making Fancy GNOME Apps with NodeJS, MongoDB and WebKit!

First off, Happy New Year to *Everyone*! Since this is the first post of the new year, I thought to put a fancy title ;) I don’t know if this is the best way to make things, but what I did was to use the best and most established technologies that are available today and making […]

Secure your Remote GNOME Box by disabling password logins

This is a small trick that SysAdmins do on servers, but you can take advantage of it in you home Linux machines. The following small tutorial will demonstrate how you can disable the SSH logins for the unwanted users. It will work in Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Arch, openSUSE and pretty much all machines.

How to restart GNOME Shell when freezes – if ever ;)

There are times that GNOME Shell might get excessively memory consumption or get started to respond slowly, although these kinds of bugs have greatly reduced in 3.6. In this case you just can <ALT+F2> + “r” to restart it. Sometimes Shell can completely crash, and you might need to restart your PC to bring it back. Well, that […]

How to install GNOMEWeb Theme in WordPress

I am not sure that everybody knows that GNOME.org runs in a WordPress platform. Moreover the GNOMEWeb Theme for WordPress is available for download and it works fine with the latest WordPress 3.4.2 as for today. I just tried it and screencast the whole process. 

Gnome Docs | Extensions: Step by step tutorial

Lately, Gnome seems to pay much attention in documentation and apart from the official -and huge- SDK plans, community contributors also help a lot by releasing various docs. This time is Carlos Soriano that printed a detailed guide how we can build extensions in Gnome Shell. And even if you don’t use Shell (Ubuntu/Mint), you can […]

Making GTK3 themes – Part 4: Porting GTK2 themes

This is the 4th post from the “Making GTK3 themes” series. The older posts can be found here, here and here. Gnome 2 had some really great themes. And now we miss them with GTK3. Porting is not that much hard, but still, not that easy. But with some little tricks, you can ease porting […]

Making GTK3 themes – Part 3: The dark side

This is a follow up post from the “Making GTK3 themes” series. The first post can be found here and  the second post can be found here. So in the last post we went through the basics of the gtk.css and gtk.widgets.css files. Customizing the CSS file is up-to you. Pickup your Favorite theme and start […]

How to set preferences for your extensions!

Gnome Shell extensions are a great way to expand your desktop environment’s abilities and to shape it according to your preferences. Although enabling and disabling various extensions is an one-click easy to do thing, setting preferences for specific extensions may confuse you, or maybe this is the first time you hear that you can do […]

Marvel-ize your Gnome Shell Theme!

This is a simple guide on how you can hack your Gnome Shell (just a bit!) and make one unique theme just for you. I used Adwaita as base because everyone has this (but you can do this in every theme), and I also used some Marvel images that you can replace with anything you […]

Making GTK3 themes – Part 2: The gtk.css and gtk-widgets.css files

This is the second post from the “Making GTK3 themes”series. The first post can be found here. We will name our theme as “Dream”. So create a directory named “Dream” under “~/.themes” and then create another directory named “gtk-3.0” under “~/.themes/Dream/gtk-3.0”. All the files we create will be inside this directory.

How to Edit Videos with Avidemux

Video editing is a complicated task no matter the platform and the experience that one may have on this sector. Fortunately, there are many available applications for the Linux platform that can do simple, or advanced video editing with Avidemux being one of the simplest. On this How-To, we will see how you can do […]

Add custom search buttons in Gnome Shell overview

Gnome Shell lets you search Google or Wikipedia directly from the overview. It is cool. Isn’t it? Did you ever wonder about how can you add your own search providers? It is not that hard. With little effort you can add your own search providers.

Making GTK3 themes – Part 1: Basics

I’m Satya. I’ll be writing some tutorials about making GTK3 themes here at World of Gnome. Thanks to woGue for giving me a chance to write here :) In this post I’ll discuss some basic things about GTK3 themes. So let’s start…