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Empathy 3.7.2 Release

This is the first Empathy release towards to 3.8 and it brings many translation updates, a re-written chat window (EmpathyChatWindow) from GObject to GTKWindow, some better debug mechanisms for reporters, some minor design updates and two nice bug fixes with Lock and Idle. Also GNOME Shell gained one more small privacy feature.

Watch Arte TV in Totem? You still can!

Since Totem/Videos updated to version 3.6, the compatibility with some plugins including the Arte TV broke. Fortunately, the plugin is working fine again and you can watch your favorite streams of the Franco-German TV network, straight from Totem media player!

Totem becomes…Videos!

Totem continued the Gnome development frenzy that peaked lately, also releasing a 3.5.90 version (3.6 beta) that brings many things that we should be happy about. The changes concern both obvious optical GUI changes, and functional under the hood improvements and the combining result is a big step towards the future for Gnome’s default video […]

Nocera adds JustinTV support in Totem!

Bastian Nocera pushed few minutes ago justin tv plugin in Totem, which is an original work of Mohammed Sameer. That enables us to watch JustinTV videos directly from Gnome’s video player. 

GNOME gets a fancy cloud video viewer!

Great news everyone! After gnome-documents, gnome-contacts & gnome-boxes, another cloud app arrives in GNOME and this time is even more exciting! It’s kinda a gnome-videos app that will blow your desktop away!