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Some small GNOME Shell 3.7.5 Refinements

Two more visual changes were pushed in GNOME Shell, one from Cosimo that makes a fixed width in GNOME Shell Search Overview and the other from Jasper who improves the algorithm of the Window Sizes in Overview. These changes will be included in 3.7.5 that is not yet released. Also Terminal has now an Application […]

GNOME Terminal 3.7.0 release!

This is the first release of GNOME Terminal towards to 3.8, and brings a major change. The profiles are now ported to GSettings (bug #624856). Although there aren’t any other major changes, there are many small improvements with the most important the removal of Close Option from the context menu, that was leading us many […]

Panta rhei and Gnome Terminal is under design!

Since 1999 and the initial release of Gnome, Gnome Terminal was the only module that remained -almost- unaltered in time. Panta rhei (everything flows) according to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus, and Gnome Terminal couldn’t be an exception. Two mockups printed today on Gnome Live and while these are very ¬†early designs, the fact […]