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Skeltrack 0.1.10 is going vertical!

Another release of the amazing skeleton tracking library is out, proving that Joaquim Rocha and Iago Lopez collaboration is doing great! As with every new Skeltrack release, there has been work on fixing bugs, while also implementing new features and abilities that greatly expand the possibilities of the library.

Skeltrack 0.1.8 comes with better “person isolation”

Skeltrack, the Free and Open Source Software library for tracking the human skeleton joints from depth images has made one more little step towards further evolution as today a new version was released! This release brings some exciting improvements, as well as a new intern-developer (Iago Lopez) that will work together with Joaquim Rocha.

Skeltrack becomes “smoother”!

Microsoft’s Kinect technology was the next amazing step in gaming. Microsoft is constantly testing and improving this technology in an attempt to make it more useful for all its customers in any platform (gaming, desktop, research). What about us the Linux users? Is there a similar technology for us to enjoy? Apparently there is, and […]