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[Improved] GNOME weather extension

One of the most interesting extensions [from my point of view] for GNOME Shell is the ‘Weather extension’. Sadly, it’s not available on extensions.gnome.org as it needs some extra libraries to work properly. This extension was initially developed by simon04, but it’s been a while since it was last updated. Bill explained a couple of months ago how […]

Web Search From Clipboard Extension

This is a nice extension that lets you to fire a word or a text-link from your clipboard directly to your browser with a shortcut. This Extension could be really good if you could launch it by just selecting text without copying it. 

BackSlide Extension | A Wallpaper Slideshow for GNOME Shell!

Whatever GNOME can’t do, the community does! Lukas Knuth wrote an Automatic background-image (wallpaper) slideshow Extension for GNOME Shell (3.6) and he simply closed a request of thousands of GNOME users! It is fancy, easy to use, you can set the duration(5′-55′) ..and it even has a shuffle setting!

Desktop Scroller and System Monitor GS Extensions

Desktop Scroller (Left and Overview Version) is a must have extension that expands GS usability in an unbelievable rate! In my opinion is the most useful extension ever made so far! System Monitor on the other hand, places a Monitor (and a System Monitor launcher) on Shell Notification panel.

Put a terminal in your Gnome Shell with DDT Extension!

Drop Down Terminal (DDT) is an new extension exclusively for Gnome Shell 3.6, that makes what the name implies. It places a Gnome Terminal inside our Gnome Shell! Really useful and really useless, DDT is one of the most impressive extensions we have seen so far! This is the very first initial version but zzrough has already […]

Gnome Shell 3.6 extensions pullulate!

Although version 3.6 of Gnome Shell is not yet out, many of us already use 3.5.91 enjoying the new features, improvements and fixes of our favorite desktop environment. One of the things that may keep you away from using it yet, may be that your favorite extension that you can’t live/work without is not yet […]

Workspace Separation on Dash

The way workspaces work currently on Gnome Shell is unified and communicating. If you open an application on one workspace, you will find the icon on the dock of all workspaces, and if you press it you are thrown automatically to the workspace that the application is opened.

Gnome 3.8 Features: Automatic Extension Updates

Automatic Extension Updates is the third proposal for 3.8 after Fallback and Videos. This feature was originally scheduled for 3.6 but it didn’t make it and they postponed it for 3.8. Till 3.8 is out,  I guess we have to visit extensions.gnome.org/local and update manually.

Actions Gnome Shell Extension!

A new extension called “Looking Glass” came out a few days ago offering a fast way to “Restart Shell”, “Reload Theme” and call the Looking Glass Gnome debugging console. This extension can prove very handy for everyone who develops extensions or themes for the Gnome Shell and need a quick way to restart or reload […]

Disper Displays Extension!

Managing and configuring multiple displays in Gnome Shell is not the easiest thing in the world. A lot of users complain about it and no one can really blame them. The Disper Displays extension that was released yesterday is coming as a little relief to those who need it and while it is not solving […]

Workspaces to Dock extension!

Are you tired of the way the workspace switching works on Gnome Shell 3.4? Would you prefer a more accessible, faster and easier way to do it, while still using your mouse only? If yes, then this new “workspaces to dock” extension will put a smile in your face! The aim of the extension is […]

Window Buttons Extension!

A very useful extension made it to the official extensions website today bringing new possibilities for every Gnome Shell user! What the window buttons extension does is having a set of the classic minimize, maximize and close buttons on the top right of the panel all the time allowing you to impose the corresponding action […]

Gnome Shell focus effect!

A very nice extension that adds a useful focus effect on Gnome Shell was updated today reaching version 1.0! The extension simply adds a transparency to the unfocused windows, allowing the better optical focus on the selected/clicked window. This works especially good when using using simplistic wallpapers.

Project Hamster Extension

Project Hamster is a time tracking tool that helps you keep track on how much time you have spent during the day on activities you choose to track. Activities may include things that you do in front of your computer like programming, or things that are not related with your desktop like watering the flowers. […]

lgLoader Gnome Shell Extension

Looking Glass is GNOME Shell’s integrated debugger and inspector tool. It aims to be the Firebug of GNOME Shell. You can open looking glass by pressing Alt+F2 and typing “lg” and pressing Enter, or by getting this new useful extension that will make the job for you!

How to set preferences for your extensions!

Gnome Shell extensions are a great way to expand your desktop environment’s abilities and to shape it according to your preferences. Although enabling and disabling various extensions is an one-click easy to do thing, setting preferences for specific extensions may confuse you, or maybe this is the first time you hear that you can do […]

XPenguins arrive in Gnome-Shell!

I am sure that almost all of you have seen XPenguins before and most of you have already forgot about this ostensibly useless piece of software, but now it will hit you again as the funny little penguins arrive in your desktop in the form of a Gnome Shell extension!

Minimized Window Reminder!

Minimized windows in Gnome Shell can easily be forgotten, or go unnoticed as there is no indication panel present any more. Thankfully, an extension that shows a semi-transparent list of currently minimized windows on the desktop (behind all other windows) was released recently acting as a reminder that the minimized windows are still present.