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Gnome Tweak Tool adds extra background options!

Gnome Tweak Tool released the first 3.7.x version and it brings the extra backgrounds options (Scaled, Zoom, etc) back, after the drop of this feature in Gnome 3.6. However this patch also pushed in 3.6 branch, so you won’t wait till the next Gnome release to get it. It is up to your distributors to […]

Gnome Whiteboard | System Settings, Power

Lately Gnome Contributors are working towards to enrich the System Settings of Gnome. There are many designs for every aspect of the system, from Notifications to User Management and from Sharing to Privacy. This time is the latest art regarding Power Management under Gnome. Design Team has made some impressive mockups and show us how things could be!

Hey, We got a brand new System Settings?!?

These mockups came a few minutes ago by Jakub Steiner (jimmac). What are they? A brand new System Settings! I don’t know much about it yet, but I guess these figures are for Gnome 3.6. And it seems that we get the Sharing and Privacy features together with notifications management!