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Indexing preferences in GNOME 3.8

GNOME 3 is not quite famous about the plethora of options that gives to users to tweaking their system. However anyone with a good will won’t face many issues. In this part I spend a few minutes discovering the options for customizing the behavior of Tracker, the searching and indexing tool of GNOME. 

Separate Input Sources per Window comes back to GNOME 3.8!

What if you want to use different layouts per applications? What if you have more than 2 layouts? One of the most annoying bugs for many people (not for me though) is now closing for the upcoming GNOME 3.8 release. Control Center 3.8 introduces a new option to allows us to use different sources for […]

Privacy Panel lands in GNOME Control Center 3.7.x

Privacy Panel arrived today in GNOME Control Center, and is one of the three new Panel (Privacy, Search, Notifications) we will get on the next GNOME. But there is also a re-designed Power Panel, and there are many improvements for Wacom, Users (added History Logs), Wireless, Bluetooth.. Instead of writing down the new options, I […]