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2013: The year of Gnome security

The goal that Gnome board of directors set for the upcoming year is to improve the safety features of our favorite desktop environment by implementing and integrating special tools and features. To achieve this goal, Gnome is once again asking for the active contribution of the users in both participating in the development and in […]

Privacy Panel lands in GNOME Control Center 3.7.x

Privacy Panel arrived today in GNOME Control Center, and is one of the three new Panel (Privacy, Search, Notifications) we will get on the next GNOME. But there is also a re-designed Power Panel, and there are many improvements for Wacom, Users (added History Logs), Wireless, Bluetooth.. Instead of writing down the new options, I […]

Gnome 3.8 and beyond: A revisit in Privacy

A nice feature that exists in Ubuntu and exists not in Gnome is the Privacy View and Settings under GCC. Privacy let you enable/disable activity logs from certain applications and provides a way to clear cached data and saved passwords without needing to check each app separately. This weakness  is about to change! Gnome developers once again […]

Lockdown: The new kickass Gnome App!

The highly anticipated mechanism which is used to bar Gnome users from performing certain actions is on the way, and its name is Lockdown. In a worldwide premiere we present you the very first tentative design :)