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Bijiben ..or just Gnome Notes?

Bijiben is a “just” another Note Application for Gnome by Pierre-Yves Luyten. What is so special about it, is that design mimics perfectly the upcoming Gnome Notes App. Pierre says: ” I did start a project months ago which turned to try implement “Notes design” (from William John Mc Cann , Jimmac)  This is not officially related to gnome, […]

Trisquel GNU Linux, the “most Free” Gnome Distro :)

Yeap it is official by FSF Free Software Definition. Fedora isn’t free software. Linux (kernel) isn’t free software. Firefox isn’t Free Software. Pretty much there isn’t Free Software (FS), but we can baptize things by occasion as FS. Trisquel according to FSF is one of the nine distributions that they meet the FSF’s strict guidelines by […]

openSUSE 12.2 Eats the Crickets! (finally)

openSUSE 12.2 is the second openSUSE release to include Gnome 3. It was original scheduled to be released in June but it was postponed for almost two months in order to deliver a more quality experience. openSUSE has always been an all-purpose distribution. It is appropriated for users that want a Linux Desktop for just surfing on Web […]

A preview of Gnome Disks 3.6

Red Hater David Zeuthen in his blog  introduces all the new features in Gnome Disks 3.6 and also refers to the upcoming new options for Gnome 3.8. There are some nice additions; some are just optics and some are useful tools, but in my opinion not everything is perfect and complete.

From China with Love: Deep-in Review (12.06RC)

This distro is simply beautiful! A picture is worth a thousand words and we have for you 25+1! Also I made this review a bit more special for our friends from China, running the popular Deepin in its very native language :)