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My Own Cloud, My Own Gnome Files!

Recently a discussion in Gnome Mailing Lists took place about sync Files with OwnCloud. That might isn’t interesting to the most of us -besides who will abandon Google Drive, Ubuntu One, DropBox for a personal cloud storage service? As I have set up lots of OwnCloud instances for companies that I work for, the answer […]

Gnome Files 3.6 (3.5.92) Screencasting

Gnome Files 3.6 is far from completed and is more like an experimental version of what is coming next, in 3.8. Overall, I think it is an improvement over 3.4 but this has to do in what way you’re using it. Some things are done faster in new Files and some things are done slower. For […]

Add some sushi to your desktop!

Sushi is a handy file previewer that has been around since 3.2, but some of you may never heard of. I installed it today under 3.5.91 to see how it works with the new Nautilus and everything went well. Sushi lets you preview many kind of different files straight from Nautilus without having to open […]

The best 5 new features in Gnome Files 3.6!

Despite the many and controversial removals, Files 3.6 comes with exciting new features that will make you forgot its predecessor in no time! While Files is “just a file manager”, Gnome Team has huge plans for it in the short future. If you’re running Ubuntu or Mint there is no reason to stick with the old […]

Deception | Part II. The ZDNet Example

This post isn’t against the ZDNet Network or against any of its writers. I use ZDNet, David Meyer and Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols as nothing more than an example to show you that you have to be cautious about what are you reading in high traffic magazines relatively to Gnome. In any case this is not […]

Linux Mint: Day 3, Let There be Nemo!

And the 1st day users said: “We don’t like Unity”. And Clem made Mint. And the 2nd day the users said: “We don’t like Gnome”. And Clem made Cinnamon. And the 3rd day users said: “We don’t like Nautilus”. And Clem made Nemo ..And the 7th day Mark said. “Let have 200 millions users“. And […]

A Hash Checker tool for Gnome

Checking the MD5 hash of your files is a way to confirm the originality of the file and also make sure that your download is not corrupted or damaged.  While is strongly recommended to perform this action, many people avoid it, because they are lazy or do not know how to do it. Hash Checker is […]

A quick revisit on Files

Files (aka Nautilus) received major changes in Gnome 3.6.  While overall its re-fresh look is getting good critics, there are some discussions about the drop of features like Compact View and Extra Pane. Jon McCann explains in 7 points in his blog the goals of Files 3.6.   

Menus for everyone’s taste!

One of the reasons that Ubuntu denied Gnome3 and developed its own desktop environment was a disagreement with Gnome developers about the Global Menus. Canonical invested a lot in Mac style Menus when Gnome build the Application Menus. Two years later the state of these two desktops menus remind a McDonald catalog with plenty ..unhealthy options.

Nautilus eXtreme Makeover ;)

The following designs are extremely tentative art and things are probably going to change. But it is always nice to have a look to the uncertain future ;)