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GNOME Files 3.8 beta brings back TreeView in List View

Files 3.8 will now have an option to add a TreeView in your ListView, which I speculate it was there in 3.4 (I never used it) and it was removed in 3.6. This doesn’t equally replace the TreeView, but is a nice addition anyway. Cosimo also made a big clean up and he removed NautilusDesktopBackground […]

How Nautilus revamps your files workflow in GNOME 3.8

GNOME Files (aka Nautlus) 3.8 won’t have any massive changes as happened in 3.6 and probably the improved and recursive search will be the most noticeable change. But Files integration with Shell totally revamps the way you are discovering files in your system. This is one of my favorites things in GNOME 3.8 and is up to […]

Improvements in DnD in G-Files Sidebar

William Jon McCann pushed a while ago some nice patches in G-Files that allow us to drag and drop files to any folder in sidebar. That commit closes bug #692097 and improves further the DnD and expected behavior in GNOME. Although there is more road ahead. 

GNOME Files 3.7.3 Release!

GNOME Files 3.7.3 release doesn’t bring radical changes, but some improvements mostly in hidden files and it closes an 8-years old bug (Share “show hidden” option with Nautilus #143599)!! What is the best new “feature” for end users in my opinion is a just a small detail. The replacement of “Delete” Label, with “Remove from Recent”, […]

Gnome Files 3.6.3 Release

Cossimo Cecchi announced the availability of Gnome Files 3.6.3 which bring 6 bug fixes. Martin Pitt released PyGObject 3.4.2 a bug fix release for Gnome 3.6.2. Also JHBuild introduces a “pygobject-python2” Python2 lib for backward compatibility to Python 2. Dan Williams announced the initial release of libqmi, an on-going effort to get a library providing easy […]

Gnome Whiteboards: Better Dropbox Integration

Support for Cloud Services is a first class citizen for Gnome3. However there is an unlimited number of web-services with different set of connectivity and syncing standards and APIs, which in their huge majority aren’t open source and that makes the implementation of local Apps that support them quite hard. This time Gnome and Allan […]

How to Create an Empty Document in Files

Ok, the title of the post looks stupid. Why do I need a “How To” just to create an empty document in Nautilus? Well, you have noticed that if you open Context Menu with Right Click, you won’t get a create “Empty Document: option. Many people seem to be confused about this behavior of Nautilus […]

Gnome Whiteboards | Files Search Designs

Files 3.8 will definitively focus to improve search and make discovery and selection of files easier.  The very first patches have already arrived in 3.7.1 but the best are to come! Lapo Calamandrei made some designs for Files search

Nautilus 3.7.1 Release Brings Improved Search!

Gnome 3.6 cycle closed with two impressive releases, Gnome Shell and Nautilus 3.6.1. Gnome 3.8 opens and brings again impressing improvements to these two modules taking into account is just the beginning. Cosimo Cecchi forces us again to use his “face” as he did all the job.  Nautilus 3.7.1 brings again the recursive search and personally I made […]

Nautilus 3.6.1 Release

The first Nautilus maintenance release of 3.6 cycles is out ..and it was kinda a personal case of Cosimo Cecchi as he worked a *lot* on this release. This version is the largest release ever made in a x.x.1 cycles for Nautilus, with approximately 70 commits and lots of major bug fixes. To compare, the average number of […]