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GNOME 3.8 changes the way you access Notifications Panel

In GNOME 3.4 you could access the notification panel from right-bottom hot corner. In GNOME 3.6 you could access notifications panel by letting for 1sec the mouse pointer on the whole of the bottom screen edge. In GNOME 3.8 we will get a “pressure sensitivity” behavior to trigger Notifications Panel. The new design is possible […]

String Freeze and updates everywhere!

Yesterday was the string freeze date and many Gnome components were updated as you’d expect. From now on, no string changes may be made without two approvals from the Translation Coordination Team and notification to release-team and documentation team. From this point, developers should concentrate on stability and bug-fixing. Translators can work without worrying that the original English strings will […]

Clutter 1.11.12 | Mutter 3.5.90 | Gnome Shell 3.5.90 Releases!

Too much development for the Best Gnome Release -including Gnome 2- so far: 3.6! This is the 3.5.90 release cycle that is supposed to be UI freeze, but some changes might take place after. Florian Müllner announced Gnome Shell and Mutter 3.5.90 and Emmanuele Bassi announced Clutter 1.11.12. We also have a nice Gnome 3.6 preview from Matthias Clasen’s […]

Cheese and Mutter 3.5.5 released!

Cheese, the Photobooth-inspired GNOME application for taking pictures and videos from a webcam, and mutter, our favorite window manager, have both reached version 3.5.5 today! Both updates concern mostly translation updates. Developers were busy on GUADEC lately so they couldn’t do a lot of bugfixing for this release.

Mutter 3.5.2 Released!

Florian Mullner announced the release of GNOME window manager. 3.5.2 is the first release of Mutter towards 3.6 which will come in September 26.