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GNOME Music, in development

One of the proposed GNOME core apps is Music, in conjunction with Photos, Videos, Documents and Transfers. The aim of all these core apps is to take care of the different type of files that can be found in a computer/cloud. GNOME Music is on its way, and here we have some new screenshots of it!

Tomahawk music player

The way things have formed in our everyday computer usage experience right now, the overwhelming majority of users rely on the internet for both work and entertainment. This has naturally transformed our music listening habits, making our local collection almost useless with on-line services offering everything you need and modern music players changing their approach because […]

Severed Fifth – Machines Of War (Liberate)

This guy on the left is Jono Bacon, community manager in Ubuntu and founder/member of Severed Fifth. Severed Fifth(SF) is a Thrash/Death Metal band from Okland, California and some months ago (February, 2012) released their very first professional album, Liberate.

Pyruvic Studio first designs!

Pyruvic Studio is going to be the next gen DJ application for the GNOME desktop environment. Cole Johnson, who is the developer of the project aims in usage simplicity, two deck support and even support for some physical decks!

Enjoy Douban FM on your GNOME players!

Douban FM seems to be getting more and more popular for users of every platform. If you are using Banshee or Exaile to manage and listen to your music, you can use these indicators+controllers that will allow you the easier listening of Douban FM from your GNOME desktop.

Xnoise Media Player

Xnoise Media Player is a simple yet powerful media player for the GNOME desktop environment that features slick and comfortable graphical user interface. Unlike the “official” GNOME players that are Banshee and Rhythmbox, Xnoise is using a tracklist centric design similar to Amarok and Clementine.