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GNOME Whiteboards: Hello IDE!

So far the IDE tools for developing GNOME Apps are Anjuta and Glade, but I think that most people use Eclipse+Plugins and gEdit anyway. GNOME recently choose to promote  JavaScript as the primary language for creating Apps for GNOME Platform and Allan Day designed a GUI for programming with the main focus in JavaScript.  

Putting some depth to GNOME Shell ?

GNOME Shell is too modern to be 2D, isn’t it? Gevera had an idea to create a depth illusion through a transition, when we open Shell Overview. While this isn’t practical it could be aesthetically pleasant at least to some people. 

Gnome Whiteboards: gEdit port to Gnome 3 Look

Gnome Terminal, Files and gEdit are probably the most popular (popular in use) Applications in Gnome 3. While Gnome Terminal and Files have already ported to GTKApplication, gEdit will hopefully migrate to GTKApplication in Gnome 3.8. After (in 3.10), we might see a totally re-designed gEdit that has origins (in design) with Files. 

Gnome 3.8 and beyond: A revisit in Privacy

A nice feature that exists in Ubuntu and exists not in Gnome is the Privacy View and Settings under GCC. Privacy let you enable/disable activity logs from certain applications and provides a way to clear cached data and saved passwords without needing to check each app separately. This weakness  is about to change! Gnome developers once again […]

Gnome System Startup Screens Designs

This is an effort to make Gnome having a consistent look and feel from the very first time you boot your box on, till you login -and after! It’s not such a big deal and my guess is that only Fedora will use these (Gnome Ubuntu maybe?). Gnome UX Team plays a lot with Dark […]

9 potentially New Gnome Apps!

In upcoming Gnome (3.8) we will see 4 new Apps -Videos(?), Photos, Music, Calendar. The first 3 corresponds (together with Documents) in Files Views (and an integration is expected here) while Calendar will be integrated with GS Calendar. However there are some more interdependent Apps on the table..  

Panta rhei and Gnome Terminal is under design!

Since 1999 and the initial release of Gnome, Gnome Terminal was the only module that remained -almost- unaltered in time. Panta rhei (everything flows) according to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus, and Gnome Terminal couldn’t be an exception. Two mockups printed today on Gnome Live and while these are very  early designs, the fact […]

Gnome Calendar latest Mockups!

Gnome 3.6 hasn’t even been released yet by the work towards to 3.8 is massive. This time I extracted the latest Gnome Calendar mockups from the experimental Gnome Git. Always keep on mind that these are very early tentative designs and there is a good chance to change, postponed for next Gnome releases or even […]

The new animated Gnome3 modals

When I reviewed the Gnome Files 3.5.4 I guess not many people noticed that the modal dialog of Files had a new position somewhere on the middle of the parent window instead on top. I also YouTube-d the Gnome Control Center 3.5.4 to show you the fancy new transitions.

Inbox (1) – You have a new Gnome Mail!

It seems that Gnome developers are working towards a new e-mail client. It isn’t a replacement for the complete Evolution suite, but a much simpler App that is integrated with all Gnome technologies (GOA, Docs etc). What’s following are the first experimental designs, which are really cool!

Hey, We got a brand new System Settings?!?

These mockups came a few minutes ago by Jakub Steiner (jimmac). What are they? A brand new System Settings! I don’t know much about it yet, but I guess these figures are for Gnome 3.6. And it seems that we get the Sharing and Privacy features together with notifications management!

Latest changes in Gnome’s Sound Widget

There are some latest re-designs for the Sound menu of Gnome. But caution! I extract these from Gits and things can always change. This is just an indicator where we are today. Tomorrow is a whole different day ;)

Getting Things Gnome App latest revision

Two weeks ago we had reviewed GTG App in its current state. But in here that’s not enough, we love to show you what’s coming next and this time is the new complete redesign Getting Things Gnome! App.

Nautilus eXtreme Makeover ;)

The following designs are extremely tentative art and things are probably going to change. But it is always nice to have a look to the uncertain future ;)