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GNOME 3.8 shows our Session History

This is one of my favorites new additions in GNOME 3.8. Okay, it isn’t very useful for single-account systems but is a nice feature when you’re sharing a GNOME box with your family or your friends. Assuming you are the admin of the system, you can monitor the log-ins/outs of the rest users from within […]

Gnome Whiteboards: History Dialog in User Accounts Panel

User Account Panel goal is to provide an access to system login, user account setup and creation. It should be able to add and remove users, edit usernames, passwords and user images. It will be also responsible to create restricted user accounts sessions (ie Lockdown/parental control), and it will integrate  with enterprise environments. Latest designs includes a […]

Lockdown: The new kickass Gnome App!

The highly anticipated mechanism which is used to bar Gnome users from performing certain actions is on the way, and its name is Lockdown. In a worldwide premiere we present you the very first tentative design :)