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Michael Meeks about LibreOffice 4.0

The 4rth major release of our favorite libre office suite has been released, bringing amazing new things and fundamental changes that guarantee a brighter future. Michael Meeks, who has always been an important player in the LibreOffice team, explains the technical details of the highlights of this release and shares some future plans and hopes […]

LibreOffice 4.0 is gazing a brighter future!

When projects of huge importance like the LibreOffice release a new major version, everyone expect to see new amazing features and the expanding of the program’s abilities and sure there are many on this release, but the most important is what happened under the hood. Having the huge codebase of LibreOffice makes it hard to […]

Libre Office in GTK3 and Wayland!

The first quarter/half of 2013 will be the most exciting period for Linux Desktop – ever(!?) so far. This has to do mostly because many major distros are going to drop XServer for the shake of Wayland. While GTK3 port in Wayland is expected to be complete and stable by 3.8 around in March, some […]

Libre Office port to GStreamer1? Done | GTK3 port? Not ready yet

Libre Office (LO) 3.6.1 came out yesterday with many bug fixes. That was the second release from 3.6 branch. But more good things happened. LO port in GStreamer 1 (aka 0.11) was marked as done! From curiosity I also checked the GTK3 port of Libre Office ..and also GTK3 port in Gimp and Firefox.