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A Glimpse Into KDE Frameworks 5!

Linux Desktop isn’t just about GNOME and Ubuntu. KDE 5 is going to be released in 1st half of 2014 and brings a set of amazing technologies like QT5/QML, Wayland and much much more!

Great News for Qt and KDE ..and a bit of Red Hat!

What a KDE does in a Gnome blog? Normally it gets FUD, but this time we are going to praise it! I got double hit from KDE yesterday. First by the awesome news that Digia Committed to Thriving Qt Ecosystem and secondly by trying Rebecca Black. Besides this post is a good chance to prove that […]

The long hard road towards GNOME 3.6 -issue 190

This week… GNOME received 1469 commits, in 159 projects, by 206 happy hackers. Winner project this time was sysadmin-bin with  171 commits  and top author Owen Taylor with 110 commits. Well,  instead of re-printing GNOME Commit-Digest  we decided to do something more exciting :)