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How to Generate Native Gjs Docs

If you want to get into Gnome Javascript programming you will notice that there isn’t a documented API. In this post I will show a way to generate one. Probably poor in quality, but anyway ;)

JavaScript to be the primary GNOME language!

It seems that in GNOME Developer Experience Hackfest Gnomers made one of the most -if not the most- important decisions in the last 3 years and since the beginning of GNOME 3. They decided to promote Javascript as the primary language to create a new GNOME App. +1

Run GNOME + HTML5 Applications over Network

This is just a continuation to my previous post for using WebKit to make GNOME Apps with rich User Interfaces (ie Games) that can run from a WebServer or natively in GNOME. This time I made some demos that illustrate capabilities like accessing your system from WebKit, connecting to remote servers and accessing filesystem of remote […]

Making Fancy GNOME Apps with NodeJS, MongoDB and WebKit!

First off, Happy New Year to *Everyone*! Since this is the first post of the new year, I thought to put a fancy title ;) I don’t know if this is the best way to make things, but what I did was to use the best and most established technologies that are available today and making […]

From the 200 extensions to the new 200 Gnome Apps!

What is in common with the golden winner of 100 & 200m in 2012 (and 2008!) Olympic Games and Gnome3? They are both born to run fast and break records! The so unpopular Gnome3 won the Product of Year and Best Desktop Environment in Linux Journal Readers’ Choice Awards ’11, in every release makes a new record […]

Gjs + Clutter Samples | Create some simple Actors

I have spend endless hours playing Nibbles (Gnome Snake Game) in the past, but this game now feels old. So I decided to write my own Snake Game for Gnome. I will use Clutter and JavaScript which is quite powerful combination, and I though to make some samples here, to enable people to write their […]

YES! Gnome JS Bindings Documentation is now available!

This is just GREAT GREAT news.  Gnome is building a documentation page for GJS (Gnome JavaScript) and more correctly Taryn Fox from Gnome Women Outreach Program (GWOP) is doing the job! What is GJS about? Creating Gnome Apps with JS in minutes without compiling ;)