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New Default Folder Icons for GNOME 3.8?!?

I did an update to my GNOME Installation an hour ago, then I open Nautilus and I thought I saw some different colors in Folder Icons. I thought I didn’t see well, and Nautilus crashed after 10″ before I realize what was happening. I reopen and.. I thought it was some bug and GNOME had […]

Nitrux 3.0 Icon Set in GNOME 3.8

Nitrux Icons updated to version 3.0 and …and basically is  kinda a new Icon Set with everything designed again from scratch. This Icon Set was my favorite before and it still is, and in any case looking at comments and downloads, Nitrux seems to be one of the most popular Icon Sets for GNOME, Ubuntu […]

GNOME Symbolic Icons | An alternative to Glyphicons?

One of the most popular icon sets is Glyphicons. Primarily made for Apple Products and iPhone Applications, they can be used in many more places like WebApps. Actually Glyphicons are mostly famous from Twitter Bootstrap. GNOME has also its very own monochromatic icon set, it looks cool and you can use it use to any Application you […]

iNX and Nitrux icon sets updated!

So, you just installed the new Fedora 18 and you are once again on the look for a nice icon set to replace the admittedly weathered Gnome’s default? You are lucky cause iNX and Nitrux icon sets have just released new versions respectively and they look shinier and cooler than before!

AwOken 2.5 gets more color!

In the Christmas gift spirit, AwOken creator announced a few hours ago the availability of the latest 2.5 version of the popular icon set. The new version comes with the addition of 100 new colored icons that are to be found on all three included icon sets that are the default gray, the dark and […]

My-Humanity icon set

My-Humanity is another great alternative icon set that would make your eyes a little more pleased when used under Gnome Shell instead of the weathered default. The icons of this set look cleaner and bolder than the default, and the result is modern and relaxing. There are no excesses in the design as every icon […]

Nitrux Icon Theme v2.2B Release!

I had never tried Nitrux Icon Set before, but I did today. This is may be the most complete Icon Collection you will find. Moreover it is one of the most well designed, though it feels as though it is made for touch screen devices. I bet it will be super in HD screens on […]

Nitrux OS icon set

Nitrux OS is a concept idea by DevianTN7k1 who has already created beautiful GTK themes and application mockup designs for the system that inspires him. The icon set is no exception, being clean, beautiful and modern, it offers a plethora of application, devices, mimetypes and actions icons as well as many different options and colors […]

Hi-Lights icon set

Gnome default icons is maybe the worst optical element of Gnome 3.6. Without the intention of degrading the work of the designers, this sector needs a lot of improvement and a little bit of love finally. Till this happens, you can download and use something else like one of the most popular sets, or something that […]

Sphere icon set gets enriched!

Another crazy artistic creation was made available today by the hands of Potzblitz7. The news concern a new folder icon set that is using a spherical approach in contrast to the very popular rectangular way that many believe to be the best design for icons. This is just a part of the Sphere icons set, […]

Fekete Gnome Icon Set!

Fekete is a chic and detailed dark icon set for the Gnome desktop environment that was updated today adding or modifying more that 200 icons. Fekete is one of the most “full” icon sets that I’ve ever seen, offering mimetypes, icons for almost every single application out there, YaST and LibreOffice icons, Xfce system icons […]

Art Libre Icons are ready!

The Gnome women outreach program intern Barbara Muraus, has finished her first set of creations under the guidance of Jakub Steiner yesterday. The outcome is a very nice set of 186 symbolic icons that are to be used with high contrast themes although they look very nice on any colored background as their color can […]