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Making Fancy GNOME Apps with NodeJS, MongoDB and WebKit!

First off, Happy┬áNew Year to *Everyone*! Since this is the first post of the new year, I thought to put a fancy title ;) I don’t know if this is the best way to make things, but what I did was to use the best and most established technologies that are available today and making […]

Faience now available for Gnome 3.6 with gorgeous GTK3 theme

So here is a present from tiheum, who created the beautiful Faenza icons! The Faience Gnome Shell theme is quite great and very popular. And recently it was updated to work with Gnome Shell 3.6. tiheum also released a beautiful GTK3 theme for GTK3.6 along with the updated Shell theme. The themes keep up to […]

Libre Office in GTK3 and Wayland!

The first quarter/half of 2013 will be the most exciting period for Linux Desktop – ever(!?) so far. This has to do mostly because many major distros are going to drop XServer for the shake of Wayland. While GTK3 port in Wayland is expected to be complete and stable by 3.8 around in March, some […]