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Google Go Bindings for GTK

Go is the 3 years old open source programming language from Google, and only the “Google” word makes it interesting. Go-GTK are the Go bindings to GTK from Mattn. 

GNOME Community on Google+

GNOME members launched a GNOME Community on Google Plus! They started it two days ago, and it counts 93 members. Current moderators are Allan Day, Sriram Ramkrisha and William Jon McCann.

The 2012 Google Summer of Code fruits!

More than two months ago, we took a look on the 29 new things that this Google summer of code would bring to the Gnome desktop environment and its various components. Today it is the “pencils down” for everyone as we finally reached the end of this magnificent program. Interns and mentors have done a […]

29 new things this Google Summer of Code will bring to GNOME

Google Summer of Code is a global program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source software projects. The applications have been evaluated and the accepted work proposals have been announced so the work has already begun! Let’s take a look on the 29 things that GNOME users should care about.

Use Google web-fonts to your box!

Google runs a nice project mostly useful for web-developers that want to use unique fonts on their pages that will run in every user-box. Many people ignore this and they just go with the typical Arial, Serif etc. Anyway, the great thing is that we can use these fonts into GNOME in a matter of […]