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GNOME SysAdmin Andrea Veri about GNOME Infrastructure

Andrea Veri is one of the five SysAdmin of GNOME Web-Infrastructure and GNOME Foundation Membership Committee Chairman. If you are interested to know how GNOME Web works, what are the issues, if GNOME has been cracked and what may comes next, there you go!

How to install GNOMEWeb Theme in WordPress

I am not sure that everybody knows that GNOME.org runs in a WordPress platform. Moreover the GNOMEWeb Theme for WordPress is available for download and it works fine with the latest WordPress 3.4.2 as for today. I just tried it and screencast the whole process. 

Elena Petrevska about new GnomeWeb | Interview

Elena Petrevska is a fresh member of GWOP* and GnomeWeb Team from Macedonia.  Recently Gnome decided to give a new look to all pages and Elena is a part of the team responsible for these changes. GnomeWeb is the mirror, the first sight of the upcoming Gnome OS and it was time to receive some attention.

GnomeWeb gets refreshed!

Gnome Web Team has a new cool task to complete. To bring the same look and feel as Gnome.org to five more major pages. The work is still in progress and the pages that are going to change are mail, bugzilla, build and live.