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Gnome 3.6 is now ended ..Looking forward to Gnome 3.8!

Today Gnome released the 3.6.[1] version that is a major bug fixing release, typically in every Gnome 3.[x%2 == 0] series. From today Gnome is looking forward to the next release, which from an early quick look, 3.8 seems to be another massive developing cycle that will follow the excessive work done in 3.6. New […]

Gnome 3.8 Features: Integrated Application Search

Integrated Application Search inside Gnome Shell is one more exciting feature we will see in Gnome next release in March, 27. The work has started from 3.5 cycle and Gnome Shell can already search for our cloud files (ie G. Docs). The goal is “Search in style from the Activities Overview”, and searching will be […]

Gnome 3.8 Release Schedule [Draft]

Andre Klapper printed in Gnome Live the first release schedule draft for Gnome 3.8. The initial release of Gnome 3.8 is coming out  in October 22 (3.7.1) while the stable version (3.8) will arrive in March 27, 2013. No matter the dates, Gnome 3.8 will bring exciting new features, new Apps, and of course a GTK3 with […]

Gnome 3.8 Features: Automatic Extension Updates

Automatic Extension Updates is the third proposal for 3.8 after Fallback and Videos. This feature was originally scheduled for 3.6 but it didn’t make it and they postponed it for 3.8. Till 3.8 is out,  I guess we have to visit extensions.gnome.org/local and update manually.

Gnome 3.8: Videos – The second feature under discussion

After Fallback Mode another feature is under discussion for Gnome 3.8. Matthias Clasen (who’s core dev of GTK and GLib – his blog) pushed Videos in Gnome Live Three Point Seven Features Page. Gnome Videos (aka Totem) is going to have a massive redesign for the next version.

Giovanni explains the upcoming features in Screen Lock

Giovanni -Campax- Campagna belongs to the next generation of Gnome devs as he turns out 20 years old tomorrow (Happy Birthday)! He was one of the GSoC students, but he was involved with Gnome some time ago. His project at GSoC (Lock Screen) was his biggest accomplish (as he says) so far, but he has contributed […]