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Gnome Web 353 and beyond!

Gnome Web (Epiphany) is a misjudged and underestimated project when web-browsers are the most popular and significant software in any OS.  The reasons? The two powerful open source alternatives, Chromium and Firefox,  but also the bad quality and poor in features Web. Well, Web 360 has the ambition to change all these and join the […]

Disk Usage Analyzer 353

Gnome 353 has gained and a new Disk Usage Analyzer but is not considered as something to highlight. Minor changes mostly in design. What is more anticipated is the upcoming Usage Gnome App which is pushed (I guess) for the release after 360. Also I discovered an extra view in Power Statistics that shows the […]

Gnome Package Manager 353

Red Hat thus Fedora thus Gnome are planning a massive revamp in software installation kit. Fedora will introduce an updated Yum in Spherical Cow release and Gnome a re-designed Software manager. Package manager in 353 has some nice updates but is no-where near to a feature rich manager as Synaptic.

Gnome Accessibility 353 ..and Unity 3d

One of the major features in Gnome 360  will be the Accessibility Always On mode and devs to celebrate it add a screen reader option in Accessibility menu. However there is disadvantage. We get a “minor” decrease in performance. I don’t know what minor means but I guess we will be able to start a session with accessibility off.

GOA & Empathy 353

I was going to make a screen casting review for Gnome 353 but there are so many new things that is impossible to cover in just one post. So I’ll make screens for each Gnome module separetely. And of course I’ll start from Empathy which is one of my favorite Gnome Apps ..buggy yet!