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Gnome Tweak Tool adds extra background options!

Gnome Tweak Tool released the first 3.7.x version and it brings the extra backgrounds options (Scaled, Zoom, etc) back, after the drop of this feature in Gnome 3.6. However this patch also pushed in 3.6 branch, so you won’t wait till the next Gnome release to get it. It is up to your distributors to […]

Gnome Tweak tool 3.6.0

Gnome’s tweak tool that allows users to change Gnome Shell and GTK themes, enable/disable extensions, set fonts preferences, set desktop functionality and so much more was a little late to update to 3.6.0 but it brought some long awaited things to be happy about! Unfortunately still not a part of Gnome Settings but surely enriched […]

How to Theme Gnome 3

A year and a half after the controversial release of Gnome three point zero, many people don’t know yet how to customize their desktop and instead blame Gnome developers. Do they have right? In some point yes..