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A GNOME 3.8 Control Center like No “Other” ;)

Yeap, Control Center in GNOME 3.8 will be something like no Other, but this post is about the very latest addition. Debarshi Ray asked for a UI freeze break request, he took it, and he pushed some patches in GNOME Settings, that will make GNOME 3.8 experience even better, at least for people that use  IMAP/SMTP […]

GNOME Control Center 3.7.5 Release!

Actually this is version that released today. This release brings mostly improvements in Network and Color sections, plus various enhancements in Sharing Panel. GNOME users will take advance of the many new options in Settings, but they will also gains benefits from the better integration of Apps with the System. In short, you can do […]

Separate Input Sources per Window comes back to GNOME 3.8!

What if you want to use different layouts per applications? What if you have more than 2 layouts? One of the most annoying bugs for many people (not for me though) is now closing for the upcoming GNOME 3.8 release. Control Center 3.8 introduces a new option to allows us to use different sources for […]

Gnome Control Center 3.7.3 release brings 3 new panels!

Gnome Control Center 3.7.3 released today and of course ships the new three panels (Notifications Filtering, Privacy Settings, Search Providers)  and plenty other improvements. And if that is not enough, many new things are planned to come, like a new Power Panel (which isn’t completed yet), a Pin Locker, OwnCloud in GOA and much more!

Privacy Panel lands in GNOME Control Center 3.7.x

Privacy Panel arrived today in GNOME Control Center, and is one of the three new Panel (Privacy, Search, Notifications) we will get on the next GNOME. But there is also a re-designed Power Panel, and there are many improvements for Wacom, Users (added History Logs), Wireless, Bluetooth.. Instead of writing down the new options, I […]

A preview of Notifications Filtering for GNOME 3.8

Notification filtering will be a nice addition for GNOME 3.8, that will enable us to select what notifications we want to receive, if we want sounds, if we want them to be visible on the Lock Screen, etc. Although this will arrive in the next GNOME, there are plenty of other scheduled changes (a new […]

Search Panel arrives in GNOME Control Center!

GNOME Shell Integrated Search will be the hottest new feature in GNOME 3.8. Shell, you will now be able to search all the files (both physical and metadata) on your system and it will display the results in a nice way and according to type and by some algorithms, ie favorites (most used). This functionality […]

How to change hostname in Gnome

Lets suppose you want to change your hostname in your Ubuntu or Fedora, but you don’t know how. You will probably Google it, and there you go! You found it, you just need to sudo vi some files and you’re done ..or never-mind I don’t really want to change my box name :) Things are much simpler […]

Fallback Mode is removed from GCC

Couple of days ago was the announcement from Matthias Clasen about the drop of Fallback Mode from Gnome 3.8, and today Bastian Nocera removed the Fallback Switch from Gnome Control Center. Changes will follow in Gnome Session, GDM, Gnome-Settings-Daemon  etc, and Metacity, Gnome-Panel, Notification-Daemon etc might be dropped also. 

GOA and UOA in Ubuntu

Ubuntu 12.10 -and therefore all the spins- comes with a forked or enhanced -if you prefer-  Gnome Control Center (3.4.2 instead of 3.6) that features both Gnome and Ubuntu Online Accounts. GOA and UOA purpose is to offer a Single Sing-On (SSO) experience that is independent from the applications. That means SSO should be software agnostic. […]

Gnome Control Center 3.5.6 Release!

Basically GCC 3.5.6 released two days ago but I didn’t notice. Anyway this is the Gnome Control Center 3.5.6, that Ubuntu users may never see it as Canonical decided to fork it, possibly by a name like Ubuntu Control Center, but I don’t really know much about it.

Gnome Control Center 3.5.4 curtain transitions!

Gnome Control Center 3.5.4 isn’t quite new one, but I run it with latest patches as I compiled from Git some hours ago. Nothing much to see, but a nice curtain transition between views. As I cannot show these on images I took a small video.