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GNOME Whiteboards: Calendar, Maps and Power Updates!

There is a nice Search in Calendar, by Reda, a support for two batteries and plugged devices in Power Panel, by Allan and some mockups in Gnome Maps, by Andreas. Keep on mind that these are just early designs that may never arrive in GNOME the way they look now, or the may arrive at […]

Gnome Calendar and Miguel de Icaza

The upcoming Gnome Calendar App is one of the best designed Gnome Apps and I can give 3 reasons for that: Reda Lazri (the designer); it looks 100% like a WebApp; and it is based on existing templates, trying to refine them. Is it bad to copy things? As long as you don’t have to […]

Gnome Calendar latest Mockups!

Gnome 3.6 hasn’t even been released yet by the work towards to 3.8 is massive. This time I extracted the latest Gnome Calendar mockups from the experimental Gnome Git. Always keep on mind that these are very early tentative designs and there is a good chance to change, postponed for next Gnome releases or even […]

Updates to Gnome-Calendar

Erick Perez Castellanos announced in his blog yesterday that Gnome Calendar is moving forward! There is still a lot of work to be done, but the development of various aspects has been re-started. The most important is the implementation of the event-view that is missing functionality, but the widgets part is almost done.