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What GTK 3.8 will bring for developers

Looking, testing, discussing and analyzing Gnome-Shell 3.8 new features is fun for everyone, but apart from what you see and use directly there are many improvements and new things that happen in the infrastructure of Gnome that is GTK and GLib. This article aims to gather the most important new possibilities that version 3.8 of […]

GTK+ 3.7.8 and GLib 2.35.7 released

Two new releases for the unstable branches of the GTK+ toolkit and its “basis” the GLib were made available a few hours ago. Lots of bugs were fixed as expected, while the way some technologies work in both GTK and GLib were improved or changed. Here are the details of the releases:

GTK+ 3.7.6 and GLib 2.35.4 released

Two new releases for the unstable branches of the GTK+ toolkit and its “basis” the GLib were made available a few hours ago. Apart from the expected bug fixing that took place, both GTK+ and GLib implemented new functions and features on this release that indirectly expand the possibilities of Gnome developers, and thus our […]

GTK 3.6.2 and Glib 2.34.2 are bug-fixing

GTK and GLib have released new bug fixing versions for their stable branches. GLib is also coming with some interesting additions like the FreeBSD support. As these releases are stable, everyone is recommended to upgrade. If you wait for a few days (depending on your distribution) they will appear as updates for your system.

GTK 3.7, GLib 2.35.1 and PyObject 3.7.1

Gnome is moving forward and so does the toolkit our favorite desktop environment with its tools and applications are using. GTK 3.7 was released today bringing mostly bug fixes to provide a relatively stable base on which a much more improved and enriched 3.8 can be built on. Apart from the GTK, GLib and PyObject […]

GLib 2.34.0 is finally out!

GLib is the low-level core library that forms the basis for projects such as GTK+ and GNOME. It provides data structure handling for C, portability wrappers, and interfaces for such runtime functionality as an event loop, threads, dynamic loading, and an object system. GLib 2.34 is a stable release adding an incremental improvement in functionality over GLib 2.32 while […]

Deception | Part I. Gnome Core Libs Progress

This is a response to some high traffic Tech/News Magazines that tend to present Gnome like an unpopular, un-maintain and almost abandoned project. But it is also a response to some people that are pessimistic and negative about the future of Gnome. I believe that things are much different…

Ryan Lortie announces GLib 2.33.10 release

Ryan Lortie announced the immediate release of GLib 2.33.10 which brings 17 bug fixes and some new functionality. Ryan says: “This is a point release on the way to what will become 2.34.0.  API additions at this point should be considered unstable although things should be fairly well frozen by now.”

Unstable Updates for WebKitGTK, GTK3 and GLib2

Three very important pieces of Gnome desktop environment have released new versions for their unstable branches yesterday. These are WebKitGTK, GTK3 and GLib2. The updates concern bug fixes, interesting new implementations and additions, and translation updates! Although the use of unstable releases is generally not recommended, you can download them for testing and developing purposes.