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GNOME SysAdmin Andrea Veri about GNOME Infrastructure

Andrea Veri is one of the five SysAdmin of GNOME Web-Infrastructure and GNOME Foundation Membership Committee Chairman. If you are interested to know how GNOME Web works, what are the issues, if GNOME has been cracked and what may comes next, there you go!

A Quick Look at Gimp3 (2.99) ..Yeap, 3 :)

What’s Gimp3? Simply the port of Gimp 2.8 in GTK 3, or if you prefer the version after the 2.10 version. The look was quick indeed, because Gimp was consuming 100% CPU so I couldn’t check it at all. I guess that this bug had to do with my compiling and it isn’t a real […]

Gimp 2.8.2 runs native in Mac OS X!

Gimp is the most Gnomish module and the father of GTK. GTK (Gimp Tool-Kit) created in 1997 (before Gnome) to  facilitate the development of GIMP. The same year (1997) that Gimp (which released in 1996 -v0.54) became part of GNU Project. Sixteen years later, Gimp with 2.8.2 release, makes it to native run in the most […]

Libre Office port to GStreamer1? Done | GTK3 port? Not ready yet

Libre Office (LO) 3.6.1 came out yesterday with many bug fixes. That was the second release from 3.6 branch. But more good things happened. LO port in GStreamer 1 (aka 0.11) was marked as done! From curiosity I also checked the GTK3 port of Libre Office ..and also GTK3 port in Gimp and Firefox.

Welcome to GimpUsers dot Com!

Two days ago it was the Gimp 2.8.2 release so I guess it is ok to keep things Gimp-ish! This time is the gimpusers.com (English) and gimpusers.de (German) that pull our attention. Two great pages to start with Gimp. And of course don’t miss Gimp Magazine that launches in a few days, September 5th!

Gimp 2.8.2 Released | What’s coming next

The popular open source image editing application, after struggling the last year to release the major 2.8 version, it now seems to progress well again. GIMP 2.8.2, is the first update to the new stable version of GIMP. The update brings several dozens of fixes to various issues of all scales.