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Geary 0.3 in GNOME 3.8

Yorba released Geary 0.3 around two weeks ago, with the most noticeable changes to be the multi-accounts support (and edit!) and the display of full G+ conversations. Since Geary treats Ubuntu/Unity as first class citizen, although is Gnomish (made with GTK/Vala), it would be interesting to check on it under GNOME 3.8, that among others […]

Geary fundraising campaign!

Yorba continues with its crowd funding actions that aim to make development of  Shotwell and Geary user driven instead of corporate ruled. A Geary campaign with a goal of 100000 USD is set on indiegogo and will be there for another 26 days! So, what is the plan exactly?

Yorba exciting times of crowd funding!

Yorba, the company behind Shotwell photo manager and Geary email client application has decided to enter the realms of crowd-funding. According to a blog post by Jim Nelson, Yorba has entered exciting times lately with Shotwell becoming four years old and the call for user videos to be used for a crowd funding campaign!

Geary Mail Client 4 Gnome, version 0.2 Released!

Geary eMail Client is all about checking -but not searching- your mails with style. It is modern, fast and syncs nicely with cloud services (Gmail, Yahoo), while is written totally in Vala and GTK3. In any case, Geary isn’t a replacement for Gmail, is under active development and it lacks *major* features like multiple accounts […]

Geary 0.2 is almost here for Gnome 3.6 ..but is it ready?

Geary, the mail client from Yorba is one of the hottest and most favorites Gnome Apps. It is written in Vala and GTK3, it has a Gnome3 look and feel, but on version 0.2 which is releasing in the next weeks, it isn’t ready yet to be a primary mail client. Geary’s biggest weaknesses are the […]

yorba, a modern Gnome company!

Some days ago I had posted about the new upcoming Gnome mail application and a reader let a comment about Geary. What is Geary? A mail client app, written in Vala which seems to share many common design goals with Gnome Mail.